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Xiaoke and Lingke 01 are in front of you. How would you choose?

2021-08-28 23:22:27 Oriental Information automobile

When WEY, And when Lingke pushes open the door of its own high-end brand , From a consumer perspective , More selective , And can achieve higher quality feeling through lower price level , It's basically advancing 15-20 The quality of off-road models between 10000 , Make the original stable model , Once again, it was hit very strongly , But these are inevitable stages in the development of cars . therefore ,15 ten thousand , You don't recommend Xiaoke anymore !

In terms of price , The guide price of Xiaoke is 15-20 Between ten thousand , The models of the brands mentioned above are also in this price range , So a family car and a luxury car are in front of us , How would you choose ? From the current market trend , Lingke's position is steadily improving . In an autonomous luxury car , It has no WEY Fuel consumption problem , So in terms of sales , The overall results are also much more beautiful . that , Lingke, which coincides with Xiaoke's positioning and pricing 01 What kind of performance can it bring to consumers ?

as everyone knows , it “ Out of circle ” The biggest factor is the shape , The biggest difference between it and Xiaoke is the appearance positioning , Of course , It's not that Xiaoke is not good-looking , It's just that the two belong to different styles . The former focuses on household models , The overall design looks more gentle at home . The latter goes in a cool style , The lines of the car are sharp , In addition, there are many detailed designs with highlights , The body state gives people a younger and more dynamic feeling . Compared with home , Today's consumers are more likely to accept its style .

Besides, the overall model positioning , As autonomous “ Pyramid top ”, Led the g 01 If it's more luxurious , Compared with experienced first-line luxury cars , The difference is still far away . But compared with the models of this household brand , It can also be regarded as a heaven and a earth . The interior materials are solid , High end configuration , Such a wide gap , I believe that consumers' choice is also obvious .

Let's talk about power configuration , Link is 2.0T, And Xiaoke is just 2.0L, This is enough to essentially increase the distance between the two models . Yes, of course , There are also some who pursue fuel economy , There's nothing wrong with choosing Xiaoke . The gap between two different engines , Everyone knows , There's no need to argue about anything .

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