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Where did the stock cars end up? All in this place? Owner: almost into the pit

2021-08-28 23:52:16 Oriental Information automobile

With the continuous improvement of China's national economic income , More and more families choose to buy cars . Many families don't just buy a car . The use of vehicles brings great convenience to our life , Convenient for our travel , Especially in bad weather , Sit in the car , It can bring us very good comfort . With the increase of cars, it has brought a series of problems . For example, a simple problem, parking is difficult . When buying a car, people usually compare all aspects of the car , Because buying a car is really a big expense for everyone , And it's comfortable to buy a suitable car to drive , With ease , It's really very important . Where did the stock cars end up ? All in this place ? The owner : Almost into the pit

For example, now everyone is worried about a problem , Although car sales are very good , But cars tend to have cars in stock . Where did all these inventory cars end up ? Will we buy these stock cars ? Many people are worried about this problem , In fact, this problem is easy to solve . Why, today Xiaobian will talk to you about where the inventory vehicles will flow ?

First of all, most of the stock cars are left in the hands of secondary dealers . In fact, for many secondary dealers , They are very happy to buy some stock vehicles . Because in this way , They can buy... At a lower price , Sell... At a higher price , It looks very cost-effective . They just need to lower the price slightly when they sell , It tends to attract the attention of many people . Many netizens reported that , Said he bought a stock car . Of course, there is a saying that it's so cheap , No good goods , Inventory is generally a bad product , Therefore, everyone should try to be careful when buying a car , Try to be formal 4s Shop to buy .

At the same time, inventory vehicles have another important flow direction . That is to flow to the used car market . In fact, these stock cars are also very popular in the second-hand market . Because the appearance and performance of these cars are much better than many used cars . However, we all know that stock cars take a long time to store , There are often some problems , Of course, it can't be compared with a new car .

Therefore, we should polish our eyes when buying a car , Try to choose normal to 4S Shop to buy , Don't be greedy for small things , And buy inventory cars . In this way , It's not always worth it .

source : Qingluan period

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