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Ordinary family cars have weak power. Can you install a set of "nitrogen acceleration" yourself?

2021-08-28 23:57:50 Oriental Information automobile

In the eyes of many people , Movies and TV plays always come from life , Although many of the stories in it are unrestrained , But as long as you dare to think and do , It is not necessarily impossible to realize . So when people see someone accelerating with nitrogen , I want to operate immediately , Trying to boost power , Increase the driving experience .

Yes, of course , Nitrogen acceleration does exist in real life , If it is installed on an ordinary family car with weak power , It can greatly improve the power of the car . However, although nitrogen acceleration works well , But it's not only less amazing than in film and television dramas , At the same time, it is not suitable for ordinary household cars , therefore , If the owner wants to install nitrogen to accelerate because the car power is not available , This is definitely not an idea worth considering .

First , Strictly speaking , Nitrogen acceleration is like a stimulant , Install it on an ordinary household body , It's like letting athletes eat stimulants , Indeed, their performance in a short time will be amazing , It's just that regret has great side effects . When the car is loaded with nitrogen to accelerate , It will greatly increase the burden on the engine , This will cause damage to some internal parts , Although the owner enjoyed it for a while , But then it will cost more , Just repairing the engine is not a small cost .

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