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This is a real "tough guy". The car is 5020mm long, imported with original packaging, and the price is sincere

2021-08-28 23:58:20 Oriental Information automobile

In the era of rapid economic development , The auto industry is bound to have a fierce battle , Automobile enterprises try their best to produce all kinds of good cars .“ Big Mac in the parking lot ” BMW X5, Strength and cost performance coexist .“ Korean flagship ” Modern Tucson , Status is still unshakable . Today, with the rapid development of automobile manufacturing technology , The key to the success of automobile brand is to find the right place . Just like this one to share Levante, It is, it is true “ A tough guy ”, conductor 5020mm, Original import , The price is sincere !

Levante Maserati brand attaches great importance to it in the domestic market SUV, Relying on its own slightly round but sharp appearance design , It really meets the needs of car buyers to regard appearance as an important standard for car purchase , It is so ,Levante Get great praise from drivers . But everyone's eyes are becoming more and more critical , Most people have a higher demand for cars , Engine skills 、 Gearbox type 、 Chassis adjustment technology, etc , If a car only sticks to the original highlights without more innovation , After all, it lags behind other brands . Stand out Levante, It must not just depend on the appearance of a single feature , What else supports its long-term prosperity in the market ? Whether other aspects of performance meet the psychological expectations of car buyers ? Here is a small series to explain in detail this Maserati product Levante.

Levante The appearance design is unique , Like a handsome man with extraordinary air , Unique style , Don't go with the flow , Demonstrate the designer's strong innovation . Integrated into the front face of modern scientific and technological language , It's a real eye opener , The tail design is quite meaningful , Perfect head and tail echo with the front of the car . The side lines are concise and neat , Make the whole side look more harmonious ,265/40R21 Big feet let Levante The beating heart is a little thick .Levante The interior performance is unconventional . The humanized center console design and button layout are satisfactory , The materials and workmanship in the car are of high standard at the same level , Regular decoration replaces complex design , Give people a neat beauty . As a whole ,Levante The interior is commendable , Give the driver a lot of face .

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