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Activity - batj through train, we found a written java test for fresh graduates for you

2021-08-29 00:19:06 Code Silva

Xiaobian knows that everyone has been paralyzed at home recently , Specially prepared a paragraph “ Social shake ”. Spirit guys , Are you still satisfied ?

Have you noticed that , Recently, I enjoy a lot of benefits in class **( Click hyperlink transfer )**:

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  3.   The programmer , After reading these ten books, talk about salary !

  4.  “ Kim San Yin four ” Four series of interview questions that programmers have to brush

Is this love ? Is it responsibility ? No , yes 2020 Year begins , Small make up the KPI It's too high .

Speaking of hair loss , We VIP The student in the group should be more serious than Xiaobian recently . He went to a big factory for an interview while working from home , It's pretty sharp ahead , Almost to the end Boss When , I was brushed down by this question .

Your product , You have a taste of !

After microservice design , There will be more system modules , What are the distributed transaction methods ? How to choose ? When the concurrency of an interface reaches the bottleneck , In order to ensure the stability of the system , How to deal with it ? What is the commonly used processing algorithm ?

Something unexpected came ! The interviewer is coming to give you a platform .


2 month 26 Japan - 2 month 29 Japan , Four day 《 First line internet factory interview boutique live class 》 Class is on , Enjoy learning class is specially prepared for “ Kim San Yin four ” Programmer friends who change jobs and get a raise fill the hole in the interview .

The course will start with how Make a good resume Start , To know The interview process of large factories Practice interview skills Introduction Practical high-frequency interview questions , Four days full empowerment , Step by step, you will become confident in the interview .

Now that you have BATJ The current interviewer ,

We can't miss such a good opportunity .


  Give you a benefit , Collection method : Free download here

Java Structure advanced interview and knowledge point document notes

This document consists of 498 page , These include Java aggregate , Concurrent programming ,JVM,Dubbo,Redis,Spring Family bucket ,MySQL,Kafka And so on interview analysis and knowledge point arrangement


Java Distributed advanced interview question parsing document

All of them include distributed analysis of interview questions , The content includes Distributed message queuing ,Redis cache , Sub database and sub table , Microservice architecture , Distributed high availability , Read write separation and so on !


Internet Java Programmer interview necessary problem analysis and document learning notes


Java Architecture advanced video analytics collection

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