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All LCD meters are so "tall", why do some old drivers like mechanical meters?

2021-08-29 00:19:24 Oriental Information automobile

Now , More and more models , Began to change into a full LCD instrument , For example, Audi's virtual cockpit , Mercedes Benz's naked eye 3D, One is cooler than the other , But why do some old drivers think mechanical instruments are more practical ? From mechanical instrument to liquid crystal instrument , Is it progress or retrogression ?

Actually , The appearance of cars has undergone several changes , What we call mechanical instruments , It's already the second generation product , Strictly speaking , It should be called electrical instrument . There is a small screen in the middle , In fact, it adopts the way of mechanical instrument combined with digital instrument , Tachometer and speedometer , Using a mechanical pointer , And fuel consumption 、 The mileage 、 Tire pressure and other information , It uses liquid crystal display .

In fact, the first car , The one you use is called mechanical instrument , Speedometer 、 Tachometer 、 Oil pressure gauge 、 Water temperature gauge 、 Fuel gauge 、 Charging meters are displayed by mechanical devices , And the latest all liquid crystal instrument , It is further upgraded on the basis of digital instruments , All information is displayed on a single LCD .

The liquid crystal instrument , Compared with mechanical instruments, it still has many advantages :

1、 More information can be displayed . The old car instrument , Basically only speed per hour 、 speed 、 Oil quantity 、 Mileage and other information , Because two large mechanical pointers occupy a large area . But today's LCD meters , The content that can be displayed is greatly increased , In addition to the above information , Oil pressure 、 Seat belt condition 、 Door opening and closing 、 Take the initiative to brake 、 Adaptive cruise system operation 、 Multimedia system, etc , Can be displayed on the instrument .

2、 The interface is more cool and diverse . Compared with the same pointer design before , All-liquid crystal instrument , You can make a lot of innovations in design , It seems that the whole interior has a sense of science and Technology , Full LCD instrument of independent automobile brand , In terms of design, one is more cool than the other .

3、 You can personalize . The full LCD instrument can set its own theme , Set the information you want to display , It gives more personalized customization space for car owners .

however , All LCD meters are not without disadvantages :

1、 The information display is not direct enough . For people who are used to old-fashioned instruments , Information display of full LCD instrument , It's not simple enough , In particular, some speeds and speeds are displayed digitally , I don't seem used to it .

2、 High cost . The cost of full LCD instrument is higher than that of simple mechanical instrument , And the cost of this part will also be reflected in the selling price .

3、 Affected by screen brightness and resolution , Some models in some cases , The information on the screen will not be easy to read , Sometimes there are reflections , But in recent years , All LCD instruments of major car companies are getting better and better .

With more and more car displays , The original mechanical pointer + The basic layout of the small screen must be more and more difficult , All liquid crystal instrument is the general trend , But I think HUD The development prospect of head up display may be better than liquid crystal instrument , It is really a safe and convenient way to display information , future ,HUD Head up display should be the focus of the next development .

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