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A pair of iron fists to fight the world, single handedly to block ten!

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A pair of iron fists hit the world , Stand alone in one block ten !

mention 19 century 70 Shanghai beach in the s “ Shandong Ma Yongzhen ”, No one knows, no one knows . Make “ Ma Yongzhen ” The name is a household name , It is a Shao's classic directed by Hong Kong martial arts film masters Zhang Che and Bao Xueli 《 Ma Yongzhen 》.

《 Ma Yongzhen 》 posters

the 《 Ma Yongzhen 》 It is the first time in Hong Kong “ Shanghai beach theme ” The pioneer of film and television drama , Since then, kung fu films with the background of Shanghai beach in the early years of the Republic of China have gradually become a new fashion .

In the film , Chinese and foreign boxers fight each other 、 Axe war and other plot elements have become the classic bridge segments in future martial arts films , It sets the tone for the film and television works that tell the story of the hegemony of the heroes on the beach of Shanghai in the next few decades .

“ On the beach , Who's not robbing ?”

Shanghai beach is full of gold , Everyone wants to dig wealth from here , Stand out here , Ma Yongzhen is no exception .

Ma Yongzhen, who is good at martial arts and wanders the beach, was a coolie at first , Once when I was cleaning people's cars on the street to make money , He met the powerful Shanghai beach bully —— Tan Siye .

The fourth master Tan played by Jiang David is romantic 、 radiant , His kung fu and mastery completely conquered Ma Yongzhen .

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