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RT thread commercial support vehicle specification level multi-core security processor

2021-08-29 00:41:24 Song Baohua

2021/8/18, China's leading domestic core software manufacturer Reneside Technology announce ,RT-Thread Commercial support Infineon technology vehicle regulation level 32 position AURIX TriCore Multi core controller , Make it easier and seamless for customers to use TriCore processor , Take full advantage of the powerful performance of multi-core , Provide users with easy-to-use operating system development environment and OTA,CAN/CANFD/LIN Equal ability ; Combined with the upcoming ISO26262 ASIL-D Functional safety certification ,RT-Thread Auto for MCU It provides an optional high security for many application scenarios in the automotive field 、 Cost effective commercial OS Solution .

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RT-Thread It's a real-time operating system (RTOS) kernel 、 Middleware component and developer community in one technology platform , Led by Mr. Xiong Puxiang and developed by China's open source community ,RT-Thread It is also a complete and rich component 、 Highly scalable 、 Simple development 、 Ultra-low power consumption 、 High security Internet of things operating system .RT-Thread Have a All key components required for the industrial operating system platform , for example GUI、TCP/IP v4/v6 Dual stack network protocol stack 、 Secure transport 、 Low power components 、USB、POSIX、C++ wait . After more than ten years of accumulation and development ,RT-Thread It has the largest embedded open source community in China , The cumulative installed capacity exceeds 10 Billion platform , To be developed independently by Chinese people 、 The most mature and stable open source with the largest installed capacity in China RTOS.


With the electrification of cars , Intelligent , The development of networking , On board electronics / The electrical architecture is also evolving , From the traditional distributed architecture , To domain control schema , And the architecture of domain control and area control integration , Makes the automotive electrical architecture more and more complex . At this point, more consideration needs to be given to the integration of each other , At this time, we need more powerful MCU chip ,AURIX Multi core single chip microcomputer is introduced by Infineon to meet various requirements of powertrain and safety applications in the automotive industry 32 Bit multi-core MCU series , Because it's powerful , High safety and reliability , It has rich network interfaces and other features , It is widely used in intelligent driving gateway 、 Engine management system , Transmission system 、 Chassis and braking system 、 Airbag and other automotive applications .


RT-Thread in the light of AURIX Commercial products of multi-core controllers can meet up to 6 Multi core support for core , It also supports lockstep characteristic :

  • 6 individual TriCore kernel With 300 MHz function ( with 4 An additional checker kernel , Can provide 4000 DMIPS)

  • Floating point and fixed-point support for all cores

  • 16 MB Flash memory /ECC Protect

  • the height is 6.9 MB SRAM/ECC Protect

  • Support ISO 26262 ASIL-D

  • Support TriCore series MCAL drive , Include CAN、CANFD、LIN、SPI、Watchdog etc.

  • Support multi-core features RT-Thread edition , At the same time RT-Thread Easy-to-use API

  • Support GNU GCC Tool chain ( And HighTec Integrated development environment ),TASKING Tool chain ( And ADS Integrated development environment )

Zhang Lihong, senior marketing manager of Infineon technology Greater China :“ I'm glad to join Infineon automotive electronics ecosystem . Ying Feiling AURIX Series MCU , With powerful real-time performance , Excellent design of functional security and information security , It has been widely welcomed by customers . Infineon has also been committed to building a strong ecosystem . Ruisaide technology's operating system RT-Thread Yes AURIX Series MCU support and commercial application , It's made in China RTOS A major breakthrough in the field of automotive electronics .”

Reneside Technology CEO Xiong Puxiang :“ As a leading core software supplier in China , Ruisaide technology's commercial support for Infineon multi-core , It represents that the domestic operating system has entered a new field :RT-Thread It has the commercial deployment capability on the mainstream vehicle specification level multi-core security processor .”

About riside Technology

Ruisaide technology enjoys a high reputation in the field of domestic operating system , yes RT-Thread The actual owner and development direction controller of , be responsible for RT-Thread Core technology development of operating system 、 Community operation and marketing . The company has a series of independent intellectual property technology , Including high reliability RTOS 、 Log type highly reliable file system 、 Low power technology 、Persimmon GUI Graphics library 、 Intelligent audio, etc . at present RT-Thread It has become the largest installed capacity on the market 、 Most developers 、 One of the best embedded operating systems in software and hardware Ecology , It is widely used in smart home 、 Security 、 Industrial vehicle 、 Wear 、 Smart city and many other industries . take RT-Thread Built into a car 、 The most mainstream platform of large industry and artificial intelligence , Build a new service and operation mode , It is the company's long-term mission and pursuit .

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