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The cheapest domestic city to buy a car has no tariff on imported cars, but only 73 of 1000 people have cars

2021-08-29 00:47:40 Oriental Information automobile

Nowadays, private cars have become an indispensable means of transportation in our life , I believe that almost every family now has its own private car , Whatever the price of the car , Just meet the needs of daily life . The number of cars in China has now become a very amazing number , But in Hong Kong , Obviously, there is a large population , Yes 700 More than ten thousand . And you don't have to pay customs duty to buy a car , But they don't have many cars , Only less than 60 ten thousand , Why is that ?

The total number of private cars in Hong Kong is 542539 platform , This number represents every 1000 Among Hong Kong people, there are 73 A private car . This ratio is very low , It is no exaggeration to say that the per capita proportion of cars in some third tier cities in the mainland is much higher than that in Hong Kong , But the income of the people in Hong Kong is very high , Why everyone doesn't buy a car has become an elusive problem , In fact, the reason is not complicated .

1: Buying a car is expensive

The first reason is that buying a car is not cheap , Although the price of naked cars in Hong Kong seems much cheaper than that in the Mainland . But the car mainly bears a lot of expenses , For example, first registration tax , This tax uses a progressive tax system ,15 The part below HK $10000 , The tax rate is 4 become , and 15 Wan to 20 Part of the million , The tax rate reaches 75%, here we are 20 Wan to 50 Part of the million , The tax rate is 100%, If it is higher than 50 Ten thousand words , Then the tax rate will reach 115%.

What does that mean , If we buy one 20 Wan's naked car , Then the price after tax is 31 ten thousand , This number is amazing , In fact, there is no difference between buying a car like this and a naked car , The price will not be cheap , Even higher . The more expensive the car is , The higher the cost , Very exaggerated .

2: The toll is high

The second is that there are no expressways in Hong Kong , There are only a few very important tunnels and bridges , These are charged when they pass , Therefore, when you travel in Hong Kong, you often need to pay , Although the cost is not much , The cumulative number is not small .

3: High oil price

We have been complaining about high oil prices in the Mainland , In fact, the oil price in Hong Kong is even more exaggerated , The price of gasoline is subject to tax per liter 6 More than HK $ , Now the oil price is going to be 16 element / Up , Very exaggerated .

4: Parking is expensive

The last thing to say is the parking problem , The cost of parking in Hong Kong is very high , The cost of renting a parking space per month is... In good lots 4000 Hong Kong dollars , And buying a parking space is hundreds of thousands of millions , So many people don't buy a car because they can't afford the high parking fee .

There are so many reasons why Hong Kong has more people and fewer cars , It's not that people don't want to buy a car , But can't afford a car .

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