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Guofeng community was unsealed at 0:00. Volunteers' wish: "sleep in and have a big meal"

2021-08-29 00:50:52 Beijing daily client

8 month 24 Zero hour of the day , Guofeng community, Wangjing street, Chaoyang District was officially unsealed , This also indicates that all the sealing and control management sites in the city affected by this round of epidemic are cleared .

Near midnight , Torrential rain early rest . Guofeng community in the night A The door is still brightly lit , Many people are looking forward to .

“5、4、3、2、1, Unsealed !”24 Zero hour of the day , With the orderly countdown of staff and residents , The closed door opened slowly . Social workers roll up the cordon , Residents pull up “ The clouds open ‘ Epidemic disease ’ scattered , Meet as promised ” The banner of , Sealing control management 21 Days of the community finally ushered in the opening moment .

“ house ” Home life 21 God , Good bye, neighbors , Greet and thank each other warmly . Their masks are still tightly worn , There was joy in his eyes .“ Our family is too excited to sleep , Come out for a walk .”“ medical staff 、 A social worker 、 The volunteers have worked hard , Thank you for your efforts !”“ Everyone in Guofeng community is great ”……

Cui Ning 、 Zhang Xuefei and his wife walked out of the door of the community hand in hand , Their wish is “ Sleep in , Have a big meal ”. Cui Ning is a social worker in Guofeng community , Zhang Xuefei served as an anti epidemic volunteer , In the past 21 God , They and their colleagues undertake high-intensity service guarantee work every day . Inside and outside the community ,500 Many staff members are as busy day and night as they are , Solve the residents' demands of Guofeng community 4000 More than , Delivery of materials about 30 10000 pieces .

7 Year old boy Liu Zhiyuan stood at the gate of the community for a whole day 1 Hours , The hands holding the small cake are sour . His mother Wang Tian is the staff member of the first property ,8 month 6 After receiving the notice from the unit on the th , Immediately enter the closed community to work . Now ,18 The mother and son who couldn't see each other for days hugged each other tightly .

To welcome this moment , Wangjing street has conducted many discussions and deduction .“ We're well prepared , Hope to be able to 、 Restore the normal life of Guofeng community residents in the most orderly way .” The relevant person in charge of Wangjing street said . Before unsealing , The street distributed... To the residents of Guofeng community “ A letter to residents ” And pass ; After the opening , National wind view 、 Guofeng Beijing community will also strictly implement epidemic prevention measures , All entrances and exits are subject to 24 Hour duty , Strictly implement temperature measurement 、 verify 、 Sweep code 、 Registration and other prevention and control measures .

next step , Wangjing Street will continue to strictly implement the municipal policy 、 District epidemic prevention policy requirements , Compact “ Quartet responsibility ”, We will not slacken our efforts to prevent and control the epidemic situation after the unsealing of the sealed and controlled community , Focus on strengthening the management of people in and out of the community after unsealing , The entrance of epidemic prevention and control is closed , Resolutely block the risk of epidemic input , Firmly hold the line of defense against the rebound of the epidemic . meanwhile , The street 、 A social worker 、 The property staff will continue to increase their care , Do a good job in the life care of special groups 、 Answer epidemic prevention policies and guide residents' emotions .

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