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What does boss ESTAR do? The site scolded QG "waste" and was rejected by QG female operator: illegitimate son

2021-08-29 00:53:47 Oriental Information automobile

In recent days, , A video has caused a lot of hot discussion on the relevant forums of King glory , The protagonist of the incident is the son of Stanley Ho, the gambling king 、 Chairman of Shenzhen Wuwei E-sports , It also acquired... Last year KPL team eStarPro Your current boss, he Youjun . The whole event was about when he Youjun was watching the game QG The players made rude remarks , The result annoyed QGhappy Club women , The two sides scolded each other in space , Operators expose in public ! When it came to light , Caused an uproar in the circle , Many people went to he Youjun's microblog and asked him to apologize , But there are also many people who support Ho's approach , Think the fake team should get out of KPL……

The details of the incident were recorded as a video , The whole thing goes like this :

You Jun He eStarPro Boss , Go to the scene to watch the game , But from QG As soon as the contestants entered the arena, he Youjun mocked loudly on the second floor . The first game is over eStar win victory ,QG The staff cheered the team members , Shouted “QG come on. ”, Hearing this, he Youjun shouted insults in the stands on the second floor QG yes “ Waste team ”、“ Go back to Chongqing ” wait . Next QG Our operation choked with he Youjun , Expose he's illegitimate son , And scold what a dog is , And Mr. Ho's reaction was also interesting , Deliberately pretending not to care , Even dancing , Return channel “ the voice is too small , can not hear ,, I can't hear Lala Lala , You can't hit me , You come up ”.

on this matter , In fact, the focus of netizens' attention has not been he Youjun's scolding for a long time , But he Youjun scolded QG Is it right to do this . After things ferment , He Youjun responded on Weibo , He first denied the abuse QG The words and deeds of the staff , And said that his team is going all out in every game , To allude to QG The act of cracking down on fake matches , Finally, he said he would manage his emotions , Be a less “ above ” Spectator .

Mr. Ho's statement is actually quite “ Follow the trend blindly ” The suspicion of , Although he denied the abuse QG This behavior of the staff , But the truth is that he scolded QG team member , Broadly speaking, it's scolding the whole club .

As a team boss , Openly abuse and ridicule the opponent's team at the scene , This behavior is undoubtedly inappropriate , according to KPL Our rules and regulations , Rational response eStar“ Disturb the order of the game ” Punishment for acts of .

And personally , He Youjun's approach is also extremely lack of pattern , As the boss and staff, they scolded each other on the spot , Even once danced like a child to respond to each other's remarks , Awkward and childish ; Scolding is scolding , The full video was not admitted before it was released , Only deny abusing each other's staff ,0

As for some es Fans say “ The fake team should scold ”, Fat tiger thinks that people with this idea are extremely wrong ,QG Negative game for the purpose of controlling points , This behavior is really wrong , However, the punishment reference given by the alliance is “ Treat the game negatively ”, There's a big difference between this and a fake game , Moreover, the league and the club have made corresponding punishment , What has been decided , Why is a club owner so aggressive ?

cognizance QG One of the prerequisites that must be met for fake games is , They obviously want to lose the game in the process of the game , But the truth is , They only have BP Too negative in choice , Do your best during the game , This is recognized , So it can't be determined QG Fight counterfeiting .

To make a long story short , If it's a matter of fact, this time the conflict between the two clubs should be paid by he Youjun , Even if you don't like it QG What you did , There is no need to openly ridicule and abuse at the scene , follow-up eStarPro The probability will also usher in the punishment of the Alliance . After the event , I believe the relationship between the two teams has completely deteriorated , You need a ringer to clear the bell , If the two sides want to settle , Then he Youjun must stand up and apologize first , But with your identity and height , Do you think he will apologize ?

source : Fat tiger Game

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