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In depth analysis of 818 selection: forge ahead Chinese brands

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  [ Car home information ]  8 month 18 Japan , Car house launched “2021 Annual release of China's automobile consumption ” Officially announced , Cause concern in the industry . This release is a comprehensive upgrade , newly added “ Forge ahead Chinese brands ”、“ Smart excellence brand ” Publishing category , To highlight the globalization of China's automobile industry 、 The international influence of intelligent development . This article is to interpret “ Forge ahead Chinese brands ” This release .

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  “ Forge ahead Chinese brands ” It is divided into “ Global influence Chinese auto enterprises ” and “ Build up Chinese brands ” Two parts . First of all, let's introduce “ Global influence Chinese auto enterprises ”, This release mainly examines the influence of Chinese brands overseas , The selection factors include the total number of overseas factories 、 Overseas market sales 、 Number of sales channels 、 Number of R & D centers 、 The production capacity of the whole vehicle factory 、 The total number of overseas factories can be clearly seen in several dimensions , Among the enterprises shortlisted in this item , Both have strong international competitiveness in overseas markets , Constantly create a bright business card for Chinese enterprises .

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   Through the evaluation model , Calculate the data collected by each brand and get ,“ Global influence Chinese auto enterprises ” Top of the list is SAIC Motor Group Co., Ltd .

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   The reason why I was able to win this honor , This is because SAIC Group is outstanding in all evaluation dimensions . Its overseas sales data ranks first , Excellent performance . Besides , In the two dimensions of vehicle factory capacity and the number of sales channels , Also in the second position , Integrating five important selection dimensions, the total score ranks first . Detailed data shows ,2020 In, SAIC's overseas sales remained strong , The annual total reached 39 Thousands of cars , Year on year 11.3% The growth of , It has been the first in China for five consecutive years .

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  2021 In the first half of , SAIC's overseas sales reached 26.5 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 112.8%, Continue to maintain the first place in the country , Among them, the famous barons 、 Saic chase MAXUS The sales volume of main brands is as high as 16.6 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 132%. Shanghai Automotive Group Co., Ltd. is in the Middle East 、 Australia and New Zealand 、 The association of south-east Asian nations (asean) 、 The five major markets in India and Europe have made brilliant achievements . meanwhile , The capacity of overseas vehicle factories is considerable , Sales channels cover a wide range , Strong overseas R & D strength , This is in line with the state's proposal “ the Belt and Road ” The initiative is highly consistent . SAIC goes from China to the world , It is gradually becoming an important business card for the vigorous development of the global automobile industry .

   In this year 7 month , Including SAIC Maxus MAXUS EV90( The overseas version is called e DELIVER 9)、V90( Overseas version DELIVER 9)、EV30( The overseas version is called DELIVER 3) Inside 5000 Vehicles open batch export , The destination is England 、 The Norwegian 、 Ireland and other European countries . We believe SAIC will be able to ride the wind and waves in the overseas market .

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   Let's look at the finalists “ Global influence Chinese auto enterprises ” What are your car companies , How are they doing ? You can see , Among the top ten, JAC ranks first in the number of overseas factories , Geely won the first place in the production capacity of the whole vehicle factory , The Great Wall ranks first in terms of the number of R & D centers . by comparison , Chery ranks first in the number of its sales channels with absolute advantages . overall , At present, Chinese brand car enterprises actively layout in overseas markets , It will have more far-reaching significance for establishing the image of China's automobile industry .

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   Next up “ Build up Chinese brands ”. In recent years , Intelligent vehicle is the wind vane of the development of automobile industry , The level of intelligent development , It has become an important factor to consider whether China's automobile industry can quickly realize curve overtaking . So in “ Build up Chinese brands ” Specific evaluation dimensions , Selected 7 Indicators , Including changes in sales share 、 The highest guiding price of the brand 、 Brand weighted guide price 、 Intelligent cabin level 、 Intelligent driving 、 Total brand sales and brand influence . This not only includes core data indicators such as brand sales , It also covers the level of brand intelligence as an important assessment item . Brands shortlisted for this release , There are many traditional brands and new brands , The competition between them is of more contemporary significance .

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   Calculate through the evaluation model , The Red Flag brand was elected as the Chinese brand of the year . The present , Red flag has become the focus of FAW's independent plate , The brand has entered the fast lane of development . The launch of new products has significantly accelerated ,9 This product covers the mainstream market of luxury cars , Sales volume ushered in significant growth . from 2017 Year to 2020 year , The annual sales volume of Hongqi brand is from 4700 The remaining cars quickly jumped to 20 Thousands of cars ,3 Annual growth 42 times , Such a big step forward is impressive . Depending on the “�j flag ” Technology development strategy , The red flag was established “ A Fourth Academy ” R & D system , To form the “ Three Kingdoms and five places ” Global R & D layout , And actively promote electrification 、 Intelligent landing . From each subdivision dimension , The overall performance of red flag is particularly balanced , At the average selling price 、 Maximum guidance price 、 The configuration rate of intelligent cockpit and auxiliary pilot is prominent . Red flag is gradually transforming from a leader to a new noble brand , It also represents the impact of Chinese brands to a new height .

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   Subdivide the performance of each dimension , The overall performance of red flag is very balanced , The performance of each evaluation dimension ranks in the forefront , At the highest guidance price 、 The two dimensions of product innovation cockpit are the most prominent . In the red flag's product series , Even without considering the millions of red flags L5, The red flag E-HS9 The highest selling price has also reached 72.98 Ten thousand yuan . in fact , The overall product price of Chinese brands is rising , Like haver H9 The highest selling price of has reached 36.88 Ten thousand yuan , Wei to ES8 The highest selling price has also reached 62.40 Ten thousand yuan .

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   This reflects , Chinese brands are gradually breaking through the inherent price ceiling , Users also increasingly recognize Chinese brand models with high prices . In the past, Chinese brands focused on the development route of cost performance , Are differentiating around quality 、 Brand and other new development routes . At the sales level , The red flag has been sold for years 10 ten thousand 、20 Ten thousand threshold , It is selling to the year 40 Ten thousand cars . meanwhile , The total sales volume of Chang'an automobile is the most prominent ,2021 In the first half of the year, the sales volume exceeded 61 Thousands of cars , Flag CS75 series 、UNI The series have achieved high market sales and user reputation .

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   Besides , We also see red flag moving forward in the field of new energy and intelligence , In recent days, , We found the red flag in the promotion catalogue of the Ministry of industry and information technology E-HS9 The figure of , Its NEDC The range has reached 690km, Compared with the current models on sale, it has improved significantly , It is enough to prove the determination of red flag to develop new energy . meanwhile , The red flag is still in Jilin Province 、 Changchun City 、 With the concerted support of the government of the steam Development Zone , Develop “ Qizhi Chuncheng intelligent network connection demonstration project ” Phase two , In the process of exploring smart travel , Build a smart city 、 Intelligent transportation sharing , Explore “ Smart cars 、 The way of wisdom 、 Convenient cloud 、 Seamless mesh 、 High precision graph 、 A pleasant trip ” Scene integration of six dimensions .

Editor's summary :

  “ Forge ahead ” The word" , It can be said to accurately describe the actions of Chinese brands in recent years . We are glad to see , The products of Chinese brand models are constantly updated 、 Technology continues to iterate , The quality is constantly improving . In the past, the selling point was cheap , They survive in the cracks of overseas brands , Is gradually transitioning to quality and strength , Compete with overseas brands , even to the extent that “ soar up into the sky with one start ” Start seizing the luxury car market . At the same time, in the field of new energy and intelligence , Chinese brands are undoubtedly in the forefront of the world , We can say with pride , Chinese brands are really strong !

   meanwhile , Chinese brands are not dazzled by the current progress and achievements , They are unwilling to settle in a corner , But actively go to sea , To the world . It is gratifying that , Some Chinese brands have entered the markets of European developed countries , And achieved good attention and achievements , Let the world see “ Chinese design ” and “ Made in China ” The charm of , This is also every auto industry practitioner 、 And what Chinese brand consumers want to see . Okay , About the year “ Forge ahead Chinese brands ” This concludes the analysis of , You can also review the previous 《818 In depth analysis of selection : Consumers focus on brands 》、《“2021 Annual release of China's automobile consumption ” Honor announced 》 and Special report , Next we will launch more 2021 China's auto consumption released a series of articles every year , Stay tuned ! Finally, please talk about what you think of Chinese brand cars in the comments .( writing / Car home Xing Yueyang )

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