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How many points will be deducted if the novice driver enters the "etc" channel by mistake and backs up? The traffic police said three words

2021-08-29 01:10:49 Oriental Information automobile

Nowadays, the domestic automobile industry is developing rapidly , Many people have bought cars , In order to reduce traffic jams when cars charge on high-speed roads , Therefore, the state has set up an exclusive ETC The green channel of the system , So that some cars can effectively reduce the charging time , But this lane is limited to handling ETC The driveway passes through , Did not handle ETC The is unable to pass , although ETC There are clear rules , But there are still most Novice car owner enters by mistake “ETC” passageway , So I'm entering ETC Behind the driveway , What should we do ?

Because of the nature of the highway itself , Let many car owners think that the high-speed charging regulations should be in accordance with the high-speed regulations , So I'm entering ”ETC“ In the passage , It is considered that reversing out of the passage is a violation of the highway regulations , To buckle 12 branch , But it's actually not necessary , According to the answer given by the traffic police, we can understand , The high-speed toll station belongs to the part of the high-speed road, which is calculated after the entrance of the toll station , If you haven't passed the intersection of the high-speed toll station , It's not on the highway , Therefore, reversing outside the highway will not be handled according to the high-speed regulations , Therefore, when circumstances permit, we should reverse and return , But when not allowed , You can find the on-site traffic police to open it manually for passage .

Although a lot of times ETC The setting of the system is very convenient , But most of the time it's not very useful , One is because of handling ETC Too many programs are required and a little cumbersome , You need to provide the bank card and installation of the corresponding bank ETC equipment , Also ensure that the current balance in the card is greater than 2000 And so on , So most people don't have time to deal with ETC The owner of the car suffers more losses , On the plus ETC In use, because the system charges independently , So there is no invoice , therefore , Most people who drive out on business cannot be reimbursed , So in this respect ETC The use of has caused great problems , besides , part ETC After handling , The card reading failure of the system may also occur , therefore , In process ETC when , We should carefully choose , To avoid the above problems .

For high-speed misentry “ETC” Lane changes occur frequently , Many netizens have different views , Some think ETC The system settings are not as good as manual settings , Some think ETC The system should be more popular , Others think that ETC The system needs to be improved until there is no problem , So in your opinion , Do you think ETC What aspects need to be improved ?

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