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Named "tank 500", the brand-new SUV of tank will make its debut at Chengdu auto show

2021-08-29 01:10:51 Oriental Information automobile

8 month 23 Japan , Car buying network Buycar learn , The new model of tank brand was officially named “ tanks 500”, New car positioning business luxury off-road SUV, It will be equipped with... Independently developed by Great Wall Motors 3.0T+9AT dynamic system .

Not long ago , The tank brand released the tank 500 The official figure , The new car is inspired by ancient Chinese royal architecture , The hexagonal chrome plated air inlet grille on the front face is particularly aggressive , The bulging muscle line on the hood reflects the momentum of the new car .

A large number of straight lines cover the side of the new car , Privacy glass has been added in the back , The outspread wheel arch and the external spare wheel design are hard off-road SUV The iconic design of , It also adds wildness to the appearance of the new car .

Power on , tanks 500 Will take the first Great Wall Motor self-study “3.0T 9AT” powertrain , Maximum engine power 260 kw , Peak torque 500 cattle · rice , And equipped with P0 48V Light mixed system . According to the official introduction , tanks 500 Upper vertical 9AT The transmission will withstand the maximum 750 cattle · M torque , The highest transmission efficiency is more than 96%, Small size 、 Lightweight 、 High transmission efficiency 、 Large torque capacity .

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