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Known as "Volkswagen's most beautiful SUV", it breaks 100 in 7.5 seconds and is nearly 4.8 meters long, which is more beautiful than hanlanda

2021-08-29 01:10:55 Oriental Information automobile

As mainstream consumer groups become younger , In order to cater to young consumers, many car companies show their own magic powers , Have launched appearance sports , powerful , Models with high playability , Like the hot trumpchi shadow leopard recently , Position the price of a compact car at 9.83-12.8 Between ten thousand , The appearance full of male hormones must be that most young consumers have no resistance when they see the real car , Integrated racing seat 、 Large area anti carbon fiber trim , Coupled with the exhaust valve, it has earned enough eyeballs , This also makes it popular among Chinese people when it goes public . Besides trumpchi shadow leopard , lately SUV There is also a model catering to young consumers in the field , It is 8 Tiguan, which only went public in January X, Known as the “ The public is the most beautiful SUV”,7.5 Seconds to break the , The conductor is near 7 rice 8, More beautiful than hannanda .

Why Tiguan X Known as the “ The public is the most beautiful SUV”, This has to start with popular family design , As we all know, Volkswagen's models give people a sense of uniformity , Especially the family front face , If you are not familiar with Volkswagen , Soar team 、 lavida 、 passat 、 Maiteng couldn't tell the front face from the side of the car , This also leads to people's visual fatigue for the public , So when the Tiguan of sedan running style X The appearance completely breaks the image of Volkswagen in the past . There is one saying. , New car Volkswagen Tiguan X The design is really eye-catching , Even the front face uses the latest design language of the public, split design , The upper part is still the familiar banner chrome trim connecting the light groups on both sides , Widen the visual width of the front face , But the lower part , Sharp C Chevron chrome trim with blackened trim , Outline the exaggerated and avant-garde bumper shape , Then match the matrix LED Headlights , The movement breath of the whole front face came out .

The side of the car body is super large, and the back is Tiguan X The essence of design , Waist line running through the front and rear of the body , Form a low front and high rear body attitude , In addition, it is matched with the through tail lamp with blackening treatment and the duckling tail design at the end of the tailgate , Create a sports car level sports atmosphere , It does look better than the same medium SUV Hannanda should be beautiful , In terms of appearance value , New car Tiguan X It's really outstanding among cars of the same class ,“ The public is the most beautiful SUV” This title is well deserved . Not only the appearance but also the movement , The detailed design of the interior also highlights the avant-garde style , Into the car , At first glance, you will feel that this is a familiar formula , But when you look carefully , You will find that the flat steering wheel is perforated , The car also features a large area of carbon fiber texture and chrome plated metal , Create a good sports atmosphere , There is no conflict with the fashionable and dynamic appearance .

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