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PICC's report card, executives respond to hot issues such as auto insurance reform

2021-08-29 01:14:28 Beijing daily client

8 month 23 Japan , PICC held an interim performance Conference . Earlier , PICC took the lead in releasing 2021 First in A Semi annual report of listed insurance companies . data display ,2021 In the first half of , The income from PICC insurance business is 3441 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year growth 2.2%; Net profit attributable to the parent 169 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year growth 34%; Return on equity 8.1%, Year on year increase 1.4 percentage ; The annualized total return on investment is 6.7%, a 2020 Increase in the same period of the year 1.2 percentage .

data display , PICC's PICC Property insurance business realized total premium income in the first half of the year 2526.26 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year growth 2.6%. From the perspective of business structure , Auto insurance premium income 1208 One hundred million yuan , The household car business is developing rapidly , Growth leading industry , market share 33.1%, Year on year increase 1.2 percentage ; In the first half of the year , The company's non auto insurance premium income 1311 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year growth 14.4%, The growth of business is mainly caused by accident health insurance 、 Agricultural insurance 、 Liability insurance 、 The rapid growth of freight insurance drives .

As A The only listed insurance company with property insurance business as its main business , The layout of PICC in auto insurance has also attracted the attention of the industry .

When talking about the impact of auto insurance reform on the company , Vice president of PICC 、 Yu Ze, President of PICC Property Insurance, said , It can be seen that the whole discount coefficient of family cars has rebounded slightly , The operating trucks have rebounded sharply . On the whole , The quality of business development is controllable . PICC Property Insurance has the largest auto insurance customer base , Have a lot of risk pricing data , It can be seen that the pricing advantage has been fully reflected after the comprehensive reform . In the second half of the year, PICC will continue to strengthen channel construction , Improve the online rate of customers , In particular, we will continue to strengthen the construction of our own channels . At the same time, we should gradually strengthen “ Car life ” Ecosystem construction , Give full play to the customer 、 Sticky guest 、 The role of continued customers .

What is the layout of PICC Property Insurance in the exclusive insurance field of new energy vehicles ? Yu Ze said , For now , The loss ratio of new energy vehicles is slightly higher than that of traditional fuel vehicles , The main reason is that the accident frequency is higher than that of traditional fuel vehicles . New energy vehicles are still in the primary stage , Products from various OEMs 、 Product performance , The driving operation of some products is quite different , With the iterative upgrading of new energy vehicles , Driving control and safety will be greatly improved .

The draft for comments on new energy vehicle insurance has been published , But the rate scheme has not been released yet , Refer to the experience of comprehensive reform of automobile insurance in the past , It is expected that the rate of new energy vehicles will still adopt model pricing , Premiums rise and fall between different models .“ We think , With the national promotion of emission reduction and environmental protection strategy , The sales of new energy vehicles will continue to grow significantly , The corresponding premium contribution will also be greatly improved , The company will seize this opportunity , Vigorously expand new energy vehicle insurance .” Yu Ze said .

In view of the high accident frequency of new energy vehicles , Yu Ze also put forward several solutions , For example, implement the model pricing of new energy vehicles 、 Give full play to the pricing advantages of PICC .

What is the progress of loss determination and claim settlement of PICC Property Insurance for the losses caused by rainstorm in Henan Province ? Whether it will cause greater compensation pressure ?

According to introducing ,720 The loss of rainstorm disaster in Henan involves automobile insurance 、 Property insurance 、 Several types of insurance such as agricultural insurance . By the end of 8 month 20 Japan , The company received a report about 30 Thousands of pieces of . among , The main reason for the large number comes from the family property insurance of comprehensive treatment insurance , Take each household as the subject of the report , Resulting in a large number of reports , And from auto insurance . The reported volume of these two businesses accounts for about 99%, Net estimated loss 28 Billion yuan , Compensation has been paid about 22 One hundred million yuan .

Every year, 7、8、9 Three months were natural disasters , Including typhoon 、 The flood 、 Waterlogging and other high incidence periods . PICC compared with previous years , Although the rainstorm disaster in Henan is single, the loss is large , However, the losses caused by the previous two typhoons are small , There are not many other natural disasters , Now look at 7、8 The overall loss situation in June is similar to that in previous years . If 9 There are no more major natural disasters , This year will also be relatively stable . Yu Ze introduced , On the whole , Although the rainstorm disaster in Henan has brought certain compensation pressure , But the overall operation of the company will not have a big impact .

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