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Naixue's tea apology: accept the punishment and put an end to any non-standard behavior

2021-08-29 01:14:52 Beijing daily client

8 month 24 Early morning ,@ Naixue's tea Nayuki Issue a statement of apology :

8 month 23 Japan , The State Administration of market supervision and Administration reported 6 Inspection of food enterprises , Among them, two stores of Naixue tea were fined and criticized for illegal operation in production . Regarding this , We are deeply saddened , And sincerely apologize to the majority of consumers !

According to the punishment decision of the regulatory authority “ In the process of making, the label falls into mango puree ” Other questions , We immediately launched self-examination and self correction , All store employees are required to operate in strict accordance with the production process , Eliminate any non-standard behavior .

Naixue's tea has regarded food safety as the lifeline of the company since its establishment , Always adhere to the use of high-quality raw materials to make tea and soft European bags , It is also clearly pointed out in the punishment letter of the regulatory department “ No problems such as making food with blackened and rotten mangoes and changing the time label of soft European bag magic wand series products to continue to sell ”.

source   @ Naixue's tea Nayuki

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