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The new Nissan Z debuted with a 3.0T V6 engine and a maximum power of 400 HP

2021-08-29 01:38:26 Oriental Information automobile

A year ago, Nissan released a new generation Z Series sports cars ——Z Proto Prototype vehicle , Although it was also called a prototype car at that time , But its design is infinitely close to mass production . see , Recently, Nissan officially launched a new product in the world Z models . Time interval 13 year , nissan Z Series sports cars , Both 370Z Then finally ushered in a new generation of models , The degree of attention it has received is self-evident .

It is both a classic inheritance , It is also the prospect of future fashion

The new car is built with a very simple and lively design language , There is no superfluous decoration on the whole , Everything is so energetic . Rectangular air intake grille with square front face , The interior is filled with black rectangular mesh with the same regular arrangement , People with obsessive-compulsive disorder , Looked at the direct call comfort .

There are two curves on both sides LED Daytime running light , Outline an approximately circular headlamp group , In addition, there is no superfluous decoration on the front face .

The roof that slides directly and smoothly on the side , Connect to the square rear , There is also a silver decorative strip on the upper edge of the window . The tail pushes the retro temperament to the top , Square rear with regular light source , The visual feeling after lighting is good . There are two barrel exhaust layout on both sides below , Looks powerful .

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