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Test drive BYD Han DM and grab "jobs" with luxury brands

2021-08-29 01:38:31 Oriental Information automobile

[ Aika car A test drive original ]

Byd's DM Plug in hybrid models have actually witnessed the rise of BYD brand , From the earliest F3 DM Then to the later Qin DM( Parameter picture ), rely on “542” The strategy of ——5 Second's 100 kilometer acceleration time 、 Equipped with 4WD system 、2L/100km The fuel consumption , Saved a lot “ Old powder ”.

But limited by the technology of that year ,542 The strategic goal is in the case of battery feeding , It's basically just a good wish . And in a twinkling of an eye to the present , After continuous technical iteration , BYD Dynasty Series DM Plug in hybrid , Has been completely completed from “ stand up ” To “ Run ” The transformation of .

BYD DM Plug in and mix series can actually be seen as two camps , One is focused on fuel economy DM-i series , Now the whole department is almost in short supply . Another series is the pursuit of power and acceleration performance DM-p series .

Today's test drive BYD Han DM( Parameters | inquiry ) It belongs to the latter ——DM-p series , It's just that I haven't had time to change my name yet . Of course, in the future, we will build Han based on Han models DM-i It will also launch , But in the words of the manufacturer, it is now DM-i Car sales are too hot , Resulting in serious capacity constraints , So Han DM-i May delay the launch of . Due to Han DM It's not a new car anymore , So we'll start with the dynamic part of this test drive .

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