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"Recognized love brain" actress denies remarriage rumors after divorce

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Actress tunko Maeda (30 year ) Three months after the divorce , Once by the Japanese media 《 Women themselves 》 Report a semi cohabitation with a new lover . Due to the cool weather of Tunzi Maeda and Resort (35 year ) Three months after the divorce , Many netizens feel that they have found a new object so quickly “ Is it a little too fast ?”“ Do you want to remarry like this ?” wait , Made all kinds of comments .

Japanese media said , Fashion designer Morikawa (37 year ) Is the new lover of tunko Maeda . The acquaintances of Tunzi Maeda also revealed the relationship between them :“ Morikawa has many friends in the circle , One of them is Akita Matsuda, who admires him as his brother (35 year ), Also because Matsuda Xiangtai , Morikawa's relationship with tomiko Maeda became intimate . Morikawa has rich love experience , That's when aja is worried about divorce , Morikawa may have solved her problems himself .”

Tomiko Maeda is a recognized love brain , And she herself admits it . A variety show staff member said :“ As long as she likes it, she will stare at each other motionless . Will actively show their love , It is also said to be a type with strong possessiveness after communication . So , She quarrels a lot when she is in love with others .”

Tomiko Maeda and Matsuya Matsuyama

from AKB48 After graduation, 1 year , Tomiko Maeda from 2013 He has been with kabuki actors since (36 year ) Start dating . According to people familiar with the matter above :“ Although song also cheated during , But they still talked for a while 2 year , Because aja doesn't want to be separated from him .”

as for 2018 My ex husband who got married in , The two talked 4 It's only a month “ shotgun marriage ”, But after only one and a half years of marriage, they separated . I soon decided to divorce after living apart , And tomiko Maeda doesn't want to give up his marriage right away , So it took another year and a half until they divorced .

In this year 6 TV variety recorded in June 《 All of a sudden , Can you do divination ?》( Fuji TV ) in , Mr. Maeda told his own story about his past , she 16 I was still AKB48 I experienced my first love :“ It's not a beautiful love at all , Since then, I think men are terrible .”

In the report of falling in love with Morikawa , Japanese media wrote that when tomiko Maeda returned to Tokyo during the half-time break of the stage drama Osaka, he also “ Live in Morikawa's home ”, But Mr. Maeda's firm denied the contact :“ Although I know ( Morikawa ), But they are not the relationship reported in the magazine .”

Tunzi Maeda's acquaintances made a round about to the media :

“ Morikawa had a good relationship with her for a while , But I heard that it doesn't seem to be a semi cohabitation relationship . She is now independent , Just want to concentrate on your work , Then put the child first . Love should be secondary . Asaka also told Morikawa ‘ I didn't see you ’. The problem of divorce has plagued her for a long time , In fact, she is not in the public impression ‘ Love brain female ’ The appearance of , I don't think we should consider remarriage for the time being .”

Maybe , Maeda Dunzi is still treating the emotional injury caused by divorce .

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