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Does the vehicle need maintenance even if it doesn't drive for a long time? 3 tips to help you handle maintenance

2021-08-29 01:53:13 Oriental Information automobile

Vehicle maintenance

In modern society, many families have their own cars , But for the frequency of their own cars , Every family is completely different , Some families use cars very frequently , It can be said that I drive around every day , The use loss of cars is also very large , But some families have bought their own cars , But the frequency of use is very small , Usually park your car in the garage , I don't drive a lot of time .

It needs maintenance even if it doesn't open for a long time

Cars that don't drive for a long time also need maintenance , Many drivers are buying back cars , After driving , Due to parking fees 、 maintenance costs 、 Fuel and other expenses will not be continued , At present, what we want to discuss here is as a private car owner , I don't drive the car for a long time and often drive , Is the frequency of maintenance different ? The repairman said : Many people are wrong , Maybe many people will think that driving every day must consume a lot , If you keep it in the garage, there will be no wear and tear , When discussing this issue with everyone , One more thing you need to know , That is, some vehicles don't wear and tear only when they drive often , Even the fact is just the opposite of what many people think , When the vehicle is not running, it needs to be maintained in time .

How to maintain

Many drivers often turn on the air conditioner as soon as they get on the bus , But use the air conditioner in the car for a long time , It will greatly increase the loss of the refrigeration system , There will also be wear and tear when parking on uneven roads , For example, put the car on the road , Or on rough roads , If the time is short, park in this way , It usually doesn't cause any damage to the car , But it's been a long time , It will have a great impact on the tires and chassis .

Clean up carbon deposits

Clean the interior of the vehicle regularly , It can also effectively reduce the loss of vehicles caused by carbon deposition , If carbon deposits accumulate to a certain extent , It will make the car unable to run normally , however , This only happens when the car has been used for a long time , Or a long kilometer before it happens , Generally speaking , Just do regular maintenance , Add some maintenance fluid to remove carbon deposit quantitatively during refueling , It can also effectively prevent carbon deposition , And very good protection of the car , A lot of oil is filled in these parts , But for people who know a lot about vehicles , Whether the vehicle is parked for a long time or driven for a short time, it will cause great damage to the vehicle , If the driver doesn't know how to maintain the vehicle , Cars that don't drive all year round are more likely to break down than cars that use every day .

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