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How to evaluate the SUV of Guangzhou Honda Binzhi? Young man: how much can a car do

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If you ask me SUV The hottest model in the market , Everyone will agree that it is GAC Honda Binzhi . About this car , The industry thinks it is a small SUV The benchmark of , And the people who buy it are basically urban young people .


I wonder if you have seriously thought about a question , There are three in the market at present A lot of models , Why position small SUV Your wisdom is particularly outstanding ? Until Che Shijun was in Guangzhou K11 The shopping art center sees the offline experience space about it , Just understand the excellence of this car .

1、 A good car has no fixed form

In recent years , We see more and more models showing individuality coming to the market , Retro from design , To the changeable function , have everything that one expects to find . Che Shijun thinks that a good car has no fixed form , It can provide users with various possibilities , This is undoubtedly a good car .

As some people think , A convertible must be a good car . However , These people don't know that most car owners Because it's too dry , And had to Put the curtain Block it , Che Shijun has even seen some car owners for vehicles Add a gap Thermal pad . Some people think that , A sports car must be a good car , But they don't know how noisy the car is , How bumpy the shock absorber is ……


To look back SUV This kind of car , It has been selling well for many years , There is also a reason for it . After all , Encounter a large pit , Higher sill ,SUV Can easily pass . Encounter tricky objects , If you put down the rear seats, you can have a huge load space , Even sleeping space …… A car can provide users with all kinds of imagination space , This is without a doubt SUV Good. .

GAC Honda Binzhi is such a small car full of imagination SUV.


stay Guangzhou K11 Shopping Art Center , There are multiple areas ,CITY WALK District 、 Picnic bar area 、 Light travel, home stay area and other diversified life scenes . You can enjoy high-quality urban life through this car , Wear the most fashionable clothes , Take the brightest picture . You can also go through the trunk of this car , Realize various field trips . Of course , You can also drive this car for a walk away trip , It will meet your life needs as much as possible .

in other words , This car can enrich young people 、 A more attractive lifestyle .

2、 A car can do more than , More deeply loved by young people

More and more cities in view of traffic pressure , Environmental impact has to be limited . Urban young people need to think carefully about buying a car .“ A car can do more than ” It is the best consensus for young people to buy a car .

Binzhi launched the market close to 7 Year time , Today, it is still loved by many young people . If GAC Honda Binzhi is A good product in this era , Believe in No, Too many people Will refute .


Today's Binzhi has an attack SPORT Style surrounds , Feathered LED headlight , Visually more refined . Besides , Now it is equipped with 17 Inch sports wheel hub tire , It further attracts friends who pursue personality , Larger wheels mean richer upgrade projects .

As for interior design and space , Binzhi is MM Under the design idea of concept, it has always maintained its own advantages , Today it is still small SUV One of the most spacious models in the field . Even more , The rear magic seats can achieve 4/6 Split design , The backrest can also adjust the angle .


The bigger the space , It means that this car can be used by young people for themselves , For the family , For work , For life Offer a variety of possibilities . This is what Che Shijun said “ One How powerful the car is ”.

Of course , There are also Honda SENSING( A sense of security ) Intelligent driving assistance system 、Honda CONNECT( Smart Guide Internet ) System , Safe and practical . secondly , The vehicle is equipped with 1.5L and 220 TURBO Two power systems , collocation CVT Stepless transmission . among 220 TURBO The maximum power of the power system can reach 130kW, The maximum torque is 220N•m, The acceleration of 100 kilometers is broken 9 second . The key is , Fuel economy is the most proud part of this car .


therefore , Young people who pursue life face This one SUV, It's more of a hit it off .

3、 Good products , Suitable marketing

The cumulative sales of Binzhi in the world exceed 450 Thousands of cars , This number is not simple . It's also said that , It is a good product in this era . Why do young people choose it so accurately , Che Shijun thinks it was born in a right era , Met a group of people who know Marketing .


Binzhi was born in a SUV The era of hot sales , Born in the era of China's rapid development , Born in an era when young people's personality needs burst out …… More Than This , Many young people are also deeply attracted by Binzhi's various marketing activities .

“ A car can do more than ”, It means the diversity of users' interests . Binzhi's marketing methods are also diversified , From art oriented “ Pioneer art marketing ”, To industry themed “ Industry marketing ”, Then to the wonderful life “ Enjoy life Marketing ” strategic , Provide users with more possible cases of car use , At the same time More and more young consumers' value recognition .


Regarding this , What's your impression of Guangzhou Honda Binzhi ? Welcome to the comments section .


If you want to know more about car use 、 Driving tips

Please pay attention to your car and communicate !



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