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Brother to son? FAW Mazda will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chang'an Mazda

2021-08-29 01:58:09 Wechat automobile

Economic observer network Ni Yuanyun / writing   According to the Anti Monopoly Bureau of the State Administration of market supervision 8 month 17 Daily public information display , Changan Mazda Automobile Co., Ltd. submitted 《 Case of Chang'an Mazda Automobile Co., Ltd. acquiring the equity of FAW Mazda Automobile Sales Co., Ltd 》 Application for .

The transaction content displays , Chang'an Mazda 、 Mazda Motor Co., Ltd 、 FAW Group and Chang'an Automobile signed 《 Capital and share increase agreement 》 And a series of transaction documents , Chang'an Mazda will purchase FAW Mazda held by FAW Group and Mazda for equity and cash 100% Equity of . Upon completion of the proposed transaction , FAW Mazda will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chang'an Mazda .

North and South are one Boots landing ?

The rumor of the merger of North and South Mazda dates back to 2019 It began to flow out one after another in .2020 year 12 End of month , FAW Mazda officially issued a solemn statement , Deny the rumors .

This year, 4 month , According to the 《 The first finance and economics, 》 reports , FAW Group 、 Mazda 、 The three parties of Chang'an automobile have launched negotiations , It is planned to introduce the Mazda brand related business being carried out by FAW Mazda , Merge into Chang'an Mazda . For related reports , Faw Mazda 、 Chang'an Mazda 、 Mazda and China have made negative responses one after another .

This year, 6 month , Chang'an Mazda capital increase project was listed in Beijing Equity Exchange . Project information display , Chang'an Mazda plans to sell no more than by means of capital increase 5% equity , Raise funds to improve business quality 、 Optimize industrial layout, etc . then , With the delisting of the capital increase project , Chang'an Mazda is about to welcome new shareholders , A relevant person from the Board Secretary Office of Chang'an Automobile said , Changan Automobile will release relevant information in the next step .

And the application for this equity acquisition , It means that Mazda's two long-standing joint ventures in China —— Faw Mazda 、 The merger of Chang'an Mazda , Finally, it has officially entered the substantive stage .

Yesterday's myth chrysanthemums after the double ninth festival ?

1992 year , It's Mazda in the Chinese market “ The moment when the dream begins ”. This year , Mazda through technical cooperation with Hainan automobile factory , Production of Mazda 323、 Prima models , Become one of the first multinational automobile companies to enter China .

at present , The main models of FAW Mazda include Mazda 6 ATZ 、 Mazda CX-4, Changan Mazda has a richer product line , The main models include Mazda 3 Oncella 、 Mazda CX-30、 Mazda CX-5、 Mazda CX-8.

This brand with a bit of paranoia and juvenile temperament , I've also won my highlight moments . As B Class car market recognized “ The king of curves ”,2010 year 6 month , Mazda 6 It has achieved a sales volume of more than 10000 units per month .

After record sales , Mazda has entered a long period of recession and decline . Official data show ,2020 The annual sales volume of Changan Mazda is 13.7 Thousands of cars , The sales volume of FAW Mazda is only 7.8 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year decline in 14.78%.2020 Mazda's cumulative sales volume in China was 21.5 Thousands of cars , Less than half of the sales volume of SAIC Volkswagen Langyi single model .

In the face of two joint ventures with unsatisfactory performance , As a shareholder, Mazda seems to be a little preoccupied . According to Mazda 2021 The fiscal year (2020 year 4 month -2021 year 3 month ) Financial report , Mazda 2021 Net sales for the fiscal year were 2.88 Trillions of yen , a 2020 Decline in fiscal year 16%; Operating profit is 88.2 Billion yen , Year-on-year decline in 79.8%; Net profit is a loss 316.5 Billion yen , Than 2020 Decline in fiscal year 437.8 Billion yen .

Change numerous for brief Contraction front ?

Disclosure of information , Mazda first cooperated with Hainan automobile , After that, FAW Group Integrated Hainan automobile , And with Mazda in 2005 FAW Mazda was founded in , China FAW shares 4%, FAW car shares 56%, Mazda of Japan holds only 40%. But this joint venture is only a sales company , Not qualified for vehicle production , FAW Mazda's model is produced by FAW Pentium OEM .

Chang'an Mazda, another Mazda joint venture in China , Also established in 2005 year , Its predecessor was Changan Ford Mazda , At that time, the ownership structure was Chang'an accounting 50%, Fordhan 35%, Mazda accounts for 15%.2012 year , Mazda got rid of this complex “ Trigonometry ”, And Chang'an Automobile Co., Ltd. have established a separate company with each party holding shares 50% Our joint venture company . Different from FAW Mazda , Chang'an Mazda has both production and sales functions .

Among them, the complex interest relationship has also brought trouble to Mazda .2006 year , Mazda's most promising model —— Mazda 3, Because of the uneven distribution of interests 、 Due to the separation of production and marketing caused by mutual checks and balances, the company has stopped production for nearly a year , Miss the good opportunity .

Besides , As a family “ Small and beautiful ” The brand of , Mazda has not only gone through twists and turns on the road of joint venture construction , A limited number of models need to be allocated to two vehicles , We also need to master two dealer systems , Build their own sales network .

Now , Under the background of unfavorable sales and operation of North and South Mazda for years , Merging seems to be the best solution , This is also one of the reasons why there were many relevant rumors earlier .

Regarding this , Yan Jinghui, an auto industry analyst, thinks that ,“ Once north and South Mazda merge , For FAW Group, it is equivalent to unloading a burden , For Mazda , It is conducive to its integration of limited resources in the Chinese market , Save management costs , Improve overall performance ”.

It is reported that , After the acquisition is completed , The business of FAW Mazda and Chang'an Mazda will be merged , Mazda has only one joint venture in China, Chang'an Mazda , Changan Mazda's product line and dealer network will be greatly expanded , The overall competitiveness of Mazda's channels in China will also be stronger .

FAW Mazda dealers said , They have been informed by the manufacturer , The sales channels of FAW Mazda and Chang'an Mazda are planned to open this year 8 Start merging at the end of the month . After the merger, it will be renamed ‘ Mazda ’, However, the purchase of FAW Mazda models and after-sales will not be affected for the time being .

“Zoom-Zoom” This little poem with a slightly stiff translation , It has been printed on the front page of Mazda's user manual for decades , A wonderful voice from a child's mouth , Echo in Mazda's brand culture , Is the original intention and commitment .

It is not difficult to understand why such a brand has many fans , When others disdain to study rotor technology ,Mazda787B Won the comprehensive championship of Le Mans endurance race in France with rotor engine ; When everyone else is using turbocharging , Mazda is insisting “ Inhale naturally for a hundred years ”; When others are optimizing space 、 Fuel consumption and maintenance cost , Mazda is manipulating 、 performance 、 Pursue perfection in design ……

But when consumers face real problems “ Vote with money ” when , The person who pays for his feelings has become a real “ The minority ”. Idealism also needs to face the embarrassment of reality —— The present , The sales problem has not found a breakthrough ; future , The pace of electrification is also facing a big test .

8 month 29 Japan , Mazda's first pure electric vehicle in China —— Chang'an Mazda CX-30EV It will be officially listed at Chengdu auto show . It's another trend , Reproduce yesterday's miracle ; Or increasingly mediocre , Gradually withdraw from history , The market and time will reveal the answer .

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