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The design of tough sports, the rival of Honda Civic, the new Volkswagen Jetta real car

2021-08-29 02:03:02 Oriental Information automobile

The new The public Jetta Real vehicle , The actual vehicle is a normal version , In terms of power 1.5T Engine matching 6 Speed manual transmission , Also provide 8 Speed automatic transmission is available , It's a very grand and tough car , This is a medium-term change , The appearance design is very atmospheric and sporty , The style in the car is also tough and has a strong sense of Technology , It is a strong rival of Honda Civic .

The hexagonal medium mesh grille on the front face presents a flat shape , The interior is a horizontal and layered shape , The design of the front surround is very simple , The through type modeling is adopted to improve the simple and atmospheric modeling . The tough shape on the side looks good , The style of the side window line is also very atmospheric and strong . The tail adopts a strong line shape , The irregular flat tail lamp design is also very exquisite , The rear surround is chrome plated line modeling , It's also exquisite and tough .

The design of the interior central control looks very strong , The overall style is biased towards household modeling , The full LCD instrument and the central control screen design with a strong sense of science and technology bring a strong sense of science and Technology , The steering wheel is decorated with chrome , It is also very exquisite and atmospheric .

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