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The most expensive car, a car can buy 47 Rolls Royce phantoms!

2021-08-29 02:03:46 Oriental Information automobile

We all know a lot of luxury cars , There are millions of luxury cars that we all envy , There are three top brands worth at least tens of millions , Like Bugatti 、 Konisek 、 Pagani et al , Just take one out of our reach . But the most expensive car in the world is not one of the three brands , It's Ferrari 250GTO.

We've also heard a lot about Ferrari , High end Ferrari Rafa 、FXXK IT etc. , But this Ferrari 250GTO It was auctioned out for nearly 50 million pounds . This is the high price at an earlier auction in the UK , It's currently the most expensive car in the world .

This high priced car is the one in the picture , This car is back in 1962 year —1964 The model was produced in , At that time, there were only 39 car , The price only 2 Around ten thousand dollars , It's too cheap compared with the current price . As for now, it can sell more than 100 million , It has little to do with the present . At that time, the limit was only 39 car , Now it can be said to be very precious .

If you think this car is just less , So if it's expensive, you're wrong . This auction car is actually the first 9 Number , It has participated in 6 Secondary Le Mans 24 Hours of endurance , Without exception, he won the championship . So there is a reason why the car can sell at this price !

This car is worth hundreds of millions of yuan , Able to buy 47 The value of the car 800 Rolls Royce , If you buy Chery QQ, Can buy 7971 car . So poverty limits imagination , We never know how much the rich can spend for what they like !

Do you think it necessary to spend so much money on it ?

source : China Star circle

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