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If the price threshold is a little lower, Mazda CX4 really has many explosive points

2021-08-29 02:04:05 Oriental Information automobile

The appearance value of the new model is undoubtedly very high , After all, it adopts a new family style , The overall design is quite atmospheric , There is nothing more than its front face style , After adopting the new family style, it is also more dynamic than ever , The mesh black shape used in the concave grille looks very three-dimensional with the surrounding silver trim , And in the shape of the lamp groups on both sides , Although it still retains the original overall design , But the shape of the inner lamp group should be more vigorous and atmospheric . The optimization of the new car in many details can indeed be further improved , The dynamic and low body height and sliding back shape of this model are still preserved on this car , This is Mazda, too CX4 A major feature of . Mazda with new tail lights CX4 Combined with the complex lower surrounding shape, it looks more elegant .

The interior style of the old model is a little old-fashioned , This is why many young consumers have been hesitant about this car , But the new car also adds more beautiful colors , The perfect combination of red and black makes the interior of this model very sporty , The suspended central control screen and the very regular central control key area below , With relatively wide armrests and thick seats, it can also highlight a certain sense of grade , This is Mazda, too CX4 For the first time . There is no change in wheelbase , After all 2700mm The space brought by the wheelbase has been very abundant .

The power of the new car remains unchanged , It's still the same 2.0L and 2.5L Two engines , Don't worry about power at all , And it can also ensure a certain economy .

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