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Test drive the new Roewe i5 GT on the fast track with handsome appearance and running

2021-08-29 02:06:58 Pacific automobile network

Drive : I'm impressed by the fast stability

The power reserve is really enough , But if you really say how fast , That's a little too much . It gives me the feeling that it is more like the driving characteristic of seeking stability in fast speed , When you need motivation to go through a bend , Gently press the accelerator pedal , It will give you direct feedback , Dynamic response is abundant , At the same time, the gearbox can well identify your driving intention , Give you a very positive downshift , Help you quickly complete the expected acceleration .

Although its power output is linear enough , But it's not just the pursuit of speed , After all, as a compact car , Comfort performance is still more important , In most daily driving roads , Its shift smoothness and good sound insulation and noise reduction performance during driving are in the upstream standard of models of the same level , Cabin noise is well blocked , The performance of wind noise and tire noise can also be within the acceptable range , It will not affect the drivers and passengers in the car too much .

Turning , According to three different driving modes , The steering force will also change to a certain extent , The steering force is more moderate in the daily standard mode , And there will be obvious changes in sports mode , But there is no need to worry about the burden of driving due to excessive steering force , In fact, the accurate directivity is also convenient for us to have better stability when driving at high speed .

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