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Lincoln adventurer mono limited edition listed for 289800 yuan

2021-08-29 02:07:08 Pacific automobile network

The appearance of the new car adopts the color matching of white body and white air inlet grille 、 Side logo and lower surround , Outline the lines of vehicle art . The body is also equipped with 19 Inch bright black hub , Through the contrast with the body color, it shows a unique dynamic temperament .

The interior of the new car adopts the exclusive Topaz color matching , Its inspiration comes from the rare natural blue topaz produced in California . The new car is also equipped with the third generation Lincoln SYNC+ Smart bank interconnection system , collocation 12.8 Inch large HD touch screen , Bring better car Internet experience . The system also has the function of vehicle road coordination , as well as 20 The remaining humanized driving assistance functions .

In terms of details , The new car is equipped with Lincoln fragrance system and comfort time atmosphere mode , The Lincoln fragrance system lasted 18 R & D in months , Selected from more than ten thousand fragrance types “ Love the sea ”、“ Yueran ”、“ warm sun ” Wait for seven kinds of special fragrance with unique taste , The application of electronic fragrance allows customers to directly adjust the fragrance concentration or switch different fragrance types through voice control , More intelligent than ordinary fragrance .

Comfortable atmosphere mode “ Beautiful forest ”、“ Love on the island ”、“ Fragrant and warm heart ” Three modes bring a new sensory experience .

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