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The British virus traceability feature film alludes to China, which is strongly condemned by the Chinese Embassy in the UK

2021-08-29 02:08:42 Beijing daily client

A spokesman for the Chinese Embassy in the UK answered a reporter's question on the feature film on virus traceability on British television 4

The reporter : recently , British television four broadcast the title 《 Novel coronavirus pneumonia leaks from China's Laboratory ?》 Feature film . How does the Chinese Embassy comment on this ?

Embassy spokesman : The feature film is based on unfounded subjective speculation and hearsay , Distort the facts 、 confuse right and wrong , Openly challenging the consensus of the international community and global scientists , Allusion to COVID-19 is a laboratory from Wuhan, China. , This is a complete violation of the facts 、 Violation of Science 、 Echoing the report of political manipulation , We are firmly against it , To condemn strongly .

One 、 This year, 3 month , Who officially released China — Who joint study on Traceability , The most authoritative decision on traceability has been made 、 The most professional 、 The most scientific conclusion , Including the introduction of COVID-19 into humans through the laboratory. “ Very unlikely ”, Investigate potential early transmission in other countries “ It's important ” etc. , And put forward specific suggestions for future traceability work . The report has been released for months , There is more and more scientific evidence , This report is a report that can stand the test of science and history .

Two 、 China has always adhered to a scientific attitude and actively participated in global scientific traceability cooperation , Who experts have been invited to China twice to carry out virus traceability research . This year, 1 month 14 solstice 2 month 10 Japan , Chinese experts and experts from who and 10 A joint expert group was formed by international experts from three countries , In Wuhan 28 Days of joint research . During the joint expert group's inspection in China , China will make every effort to organize and coordinate relevant units , Fully meet the requirements of who expert visits , Let the expert group go to all the units they want to go , Including Hubei CDC 、 Wuhan CDC 、 Wuhan Virus Research Institute 、 Jinyintan hospital 、 South China seafood market, etc 9 Home unit ; Met everyone they wanted to see , Including medical staff 、 Laboratory personnel 、 Researchers 、 Market managers and merchants 、 Resident 、 Recovered patients, etc . The joint expert group also visited various biosafety laboratories , In depth discussions were conducted with experts from relevant institutions 、 Honest scientific communication .

Since last year , Wuhan Virus Research Institute has received many media interviews , Including Reuters 、《 science 》 Magazine and NBC (NBC) And other overseas media , It has been repeatedly emphasized that COVID-19 is neither artificial. , It wasn't leaked by the laboratory . Wuhan Virus Research Institute has not carried out the study of coronavirus gain function . From the U.S. 、 The British 、 Australian scientists 7 month 7 Scientific data sharing platform in Europe Zenodo As indicated on the , There is no evidence that before the pandemic , The Wuhan virus Institute has or studied the ancestry of COVID-19. .

Up to now , None of the staff members and graduate students of the Wuhan Institute of viral infection is infected with COVID-19. . The serum samples of sick miners in Mojiang County, Yunnan Province have been analyzed for many times 、 antibody 、 Genome sequencing and other tests , No bat coronavirus was detected , This shows that the case is not related to the new crown virus. .

3、 ... and 、 Dr. Shi Zhengli, director of the new infectious diseases research center of Wuhan Virus Research Institute, said sharply , The problem of virus traceability has obviously been politicized by the West . Her questioning was sonorous and forceful : How can one provide evidence for things without evidence ? Why does the world continue to throw dirty water on an innocent scientist ?

About laboratory safety , Coronavirus research in most places is based on P2 or P3( Biosafety level II or III ) Conducted in the laboratory . Once participated in guiding Wuhan Virus Research Institute P4( Biosafety level IV ) Gabriel, a French expert in laboratory construction and certification · glass 8 month 3 In an exclusive interview with Xinhua News Agency reporters on the th , People don't use it P4 Laboratory treatment of biosafety level III pathogens , I can't use P3 Laboratory treatment of biosafety grade II pathogens , This is common sense . Coronavirus ( Including COVID-19 ) It belongs to secondary or tertiary pathogens , Never belonged to level 4 . After the outbreak of the new coronavirus , China stipulates that animal culture and animal infection experiments should be carried out in COVID-19. BSL-3 Or above Laboratory . Due to the of Wuhan Virus Research Institute BSL-3 The laboratory does not have the hardware conditions for non-human primate experiments , In order to carry out the above research , The Institute applied to a government agency and obtained a certificate in Wuhan P4 Laboratory qualification for COVID-19 experiment . Professor Shi Zhengli's experimental activities are supervised by the biosafety Committee of the Institute , Compliance with biosafety regulations .

Wuhan Virus Research Institute displays and shares research data in strict accordance with the practice of the scientific community . At present, the database of the Institute has only established a preliminary framework , The structure and content of the database are still improving , Currently shared within the Institute . The original data in the database is analyzed and systematized , Relevant research results will be published in the form of papers , And display and retrieve in the database .

Four 、 China's position on global traceability is consistent 、 Definite . First of all , COVID-19 traceability is a scientific issue. , It should and can only be studied by scientists to find the animal source of the virus and the way of transmission to humans , No country has the right to ignore life for its own political self-interest 、 Politicize scientific issues or smear attacks on other countries . second , China — The WHO Joint Research Report has drawn generally accepted conclusions and recommendations from the international community and the scientific community , It must be respected and implemented by all parties, including who . In the future, global traceability should and can only be carried out on this basis , Instead of starting a new stove . Third , China has always supported and will continue to participate in scientific traceability , What we oppose is political traceability , Traceability of violations of who resolutions , And abandon China — Traceability of the WHO Joint Study . Fourth , The WHO Secretariat should comply with the requirements of the WHO Assembly resolution , Work plan on global traceability 、 Including the follow-up mechanism and full consultation with Member States , Fully respect the views of Member States , The traceability plan for the country concerned should be determined through consultation with the country concerned , Effective cooperation on this basis .

5、 ... and 、 Viruses have no borders , The epidemic is not racial . China is the same as other countries in the world , Are victims of the epidemic , All hope to find the source of the virus as soon as possible , Stop the spread of the epidemic as soon as possible . Tracing cooperation must adhere to the scientific direction , We must resolutely oppose politicization . China is willing to work with all parties , Actively carry out global scientific traceability , Make China's contribution to mankind's final victory over the epidemic .

Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia , China has not only taken the lead in controlling the epidemic in its own country 、 Major strategic achievements have been made in the prevention and control of interdiction warfare , And always in an open, transparent and responsible attitude , Timely inform relevant parties of epidemic information 、 Share virus gene sequence , Exchange prevention and control experience with the international community , Provide anti epidemic assistance to the best of our ability , We will continue to make important contributions to the global fight against epidemic diseases .

6、 ... and 、 We strongly urge TV4 to abide by professional ethics and ethics , Objective and fair reporting on COVID-19's source work , Stop hype and distort the facts 、 Confusing information , Stop misleading the public , Do not become an anti China force and engage in political manipulation 、 Tools for spreading false information .

source   Website of Chinese Embassy in the UK

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