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The epidemic is difficult to control, and Japan plans to enter a state of emergency in four additional places

2021-08-29 02:10:20 Beijing daily client

Japanese media 23 Quoted a source as saying on the th , Because COVID-19 is spreading fast , The Japanese government plans to expand the scope of epidemic prevention emergency again , newly added 4 A region . When the , The national 47 In every city and county , There will be 17 A state of emergency .

Data figure Picture source : The xinhua news agency

Fuji TV station of Japan reported , The government plans to add 4 The two regions are Hokkaido 、 Gifu County 、 Aichi county and Sanzhong County . According to the source , The above areas are expected to 25 A state of emergency has been in place since the .

Chief Cabinet Secretary Shinzo Kato 23 Japan said at a press conference , Above 4 Local governors have asked the central government to bring their areas into the scope of the implementation of the state of emergency .

The state of emergency in Japan is relatively relaxed , Restrictions include : Provide wine and karaoke OK The service restaurant is closed ; Other restaurants and large commercial facilities shorten business hours , Every night 8 Close before ; The number of participants in large-scale events is limited to less than half of the number of people that the venue can accommodate and no more than 5000 people .

At this stage , Japan has 13 Three areas are in a state of emergency for epidemic prevention , Including the capital city of Tokyo in the capital circle 、 Kanagawa County 、 Saitama County 、 Chiba Prefecture, Osaka Prefecture in the West and Okinawa Prefecture in the south of the Japanese archipelago , The deadline is 9 month 12 Japan . have other 16 Key epidemic prevention measures were implemented in four regions , Epidemic prevention is slightly lower than that of emergency .

Sources said , Prime Minister Kan Yiwei is expected to discuss with relevant cabinet members first , And then in 25 He consulted with the COVID-19 expert group on the day , Make a final decision .

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