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Israeli data show that the effect of reinforcing needle is significant

2021-08-29 02:10:23 Beijing daily client

Israeli Ministry of health 22 Data released daily shows ,60 After Pfizer new crown vaccine booster injection for people aged and over , The protective effect was significantly better than that after two doses of vaccine .

8 month 17 Japan , A woman received a third dose of the new crown vaccine at a vaccination site in the central Israeli city of Modine . Picture source : The xinhua news agency

Reuters quoted data as saying , Compared with two doses of vaccine 10 Overall protection after days , Israel 60 People aged and over are vaccinated with booster needles 10 The overall protection effect after days is high 4 times ; In terms of preventing severe and hospitalized cases , The effect is good 5 To 6 times .

Israel's Geithner Institute and KI The Institute has obtained the above data ,19 The daily reported to a vaccine expert working group of the Israeli Ministry of health ,22 Upload to the website of the Ministry of health , Other details were not released .

Reported , One of the institutions responsible for vaccination booster 、 Magabi healthcare services released data on strengthening the role of needles last week , Draw a conclusion similar to the above two institutes .

Israel last year 12 Vaccination for the public began in January , Priority is 60 Vaccination for people aged and over , Pfizer vaccine is mainly used . The inoculation effect was once very significant , The number of new cases has decreased significantly . However , Because of the highly contagious mutation of the COVID-19 delta strain , This year, 6 Since mid June, the number of new cases in the country has rebounded rapidly .

Israel 7 month 30 The day begins with the end of the year 60 The age group is vaccinated with booster shots ,8 month 19 The vaccination target of booster needle will be expanded to 40 People aged and over , At the same time, teachers are advised to 、 Medical staff 、 All pregnant women and nursing home staff are vaccinated with booster shots . People who receive booster shots must have completed at least two doses of vaccine 5 Months .

(Reuters) - 22 The data reported on the th show that , Israel is about 930 Of the ten thousand people , So far more than 540 Ten thousand people have been vaccinated with two doses , nearly 150 Ten thousand people have been vaccinated with booster shots .

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