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Outbound tour leader transformation anchor, take a thousand people to see the Forbidden City! Frankly: it's much harder than leading a group

2021-08-29 02:10:41 Beijing daily client

Handheld pan tilt 、 Put up your cell phone 、 Put on the microphone , Ma Shengli can keep talking for three or four hours in the live studio , Explain the major tourist attractions in Beijing in depth for netizens .

A new covid-19 outbreak , Press the pause button for her original European mission plan . But this 90 After that, the girl quickly completed the transformation on the short video platform , Become a native 、 Cultural and tourism anchor visiting ancient buildings .

The scene

Bring thousands of netizens and so on “ Qianlong spits water ”

“ Welcome to the studio , The horse team took you to wait for the rain in the Forbidden City today , Hope to see Qianlong spit water ……”

Afternoon 1 spot , Ma Shengli came to the Meridian Gate . A person , A bag , Start a new day's live broadcast . In addition to conventional equipment , She also brought an umbrella ,“ The weather forecast says there will be thunderstorms today , Maybe the heavy rain is on the way , Let's tell a story first .” She stood by the Jinshui bridge , Hold up your cell phone and look around , Show the Taihe gate in front of thousands of online viewers from the first perspective .

“ What you see now is the place where the Ming emperor went to the early Dynasty , The Qing Dynasty is not here , Change to the Qianqing gate in the early morning .” Ma Shengli aims the lens at the bronze lion in front of Taihe gate ,“ This is the largest pair of bronze lions in the Forbidden City , On the head 45 A bun , Representing the Emperor ‘ the royal prerogative ’.”

After some interpretation , Ma Shengli walked up the slope in front of Zhaode gate on the east side .“ I'll take you up from here , You can feel what is suddenly enlightened . The kind of weather that comes from the prosperity of a big country , It is the charm of our ancient Chinese Architecture .”“ Yes , European palaces are not so shocking .” In the picture , The magnificent hall of Supreme Harmony came into view , The comment area of the live broadcast room became lively .

“ The emperor held a grand ceremony to ascend the throne in the hall of Supreme Harmony , Where are all civil and military officials standing ? Right under my feet .” Ma Shengli stepped into the Taihe Hall Square , Create more sense of substitution for the audience in front of the screen ,“ I'll test you , The hall of Supreme Harmony is several rooms wide ? You know, you can hit the public screen .” See a series of “11 between ” Scramble to pop up , Ma Shengli feels gratified ,“ Yes , Many people mistakenly think that the hall of Supreme Harmony has a wide surface 9 between , It's actually 11 between , The boys are excellent . Taihe hall adopts the highest architectural standard , The roof is double eaves veranda roof .”

Ma Shengli continues to move forward , Hold the phone high ,“ The hall of supreme harmony 、 The three main halls of Zhonghe hall and Baohe hall are all built on the xumizuo pedestal on the third floor , A stone carving faucet protrudes under the watchpost on each floor , The three floors add up to thousands of faucets . When there is much rain , Will discharge from the dragon's mouth , formation ‘ Qianlong spits water ’ The landscape .”

Voice has just fallen. , Bean sized raindrops beat on Ma Shengli's umbrella .“ friends , Can you hear the rain ? It's really raining in the Forbidden City !”“ I heard you !” The studio was boiling ,“ It rains in the Forbidden City ” Four words instantly swipe the screen .

“ Isn't it , It seems that the sun is coming out .” Just past 3 minute , The rain stopped suddenly , Ma Shengli is a little embarrassed ,“ Guys, don't worry , Let's talk about Puyi's accession to the throne here , By the way, wait for the rain .”

That's it , Ma Shengli talked endlessly about speed 3 spot , Rumbling thunder rolled in , For a time, there was a torrential rain .“ Never expected a rain so much ”“ The Forbidden City in the rain feels great ”…… The audience in the studio was excited again , The number of likes quickly broke through 15 ten thousand ,“ Finally, I look forward to ”“ Ready to record the screen ”.

5 Minutes later , The rain came to an end , Ma Shengli gives a close-up picture of Longtou , I saw a trickle pouring out of the dragon's mouth .“ Vomit ”“ ha-ha , This is a ‘ Qianlong spits ’ Do you ?”…… Across the screen , Ma Shengli laughed with the audience in the studio .


From one-sided friends to old friends

“ It looks like there are no tourists around , But it is much more difficult than the traditional tour guide .” Close to the Forbidden City , Ma Shengli ended the live broadcast ,“ Take the Forbidden City for example , The route of group explanation is fixed , Say three or five minutes at each visiting point , The rest of the time is left for tourists to take photos , A regiment can have up to forty or fifty people . It can be broadcast live for three or four hours , Up to six hours at a time , You can't stop all the way , Otherwise, the atmosphere will be very embarrassing . Besides, at least 800 people are online , The audience will ask questions in the comment area at any time , It is a great test of knowledge reserve .”

in fact , The explanation of these local scenic spots was not her main business in the past . Before last year , Ma Shengli has been engaged in outbound tourism business , Many times in Spain and Portugal and other belt teams .“ We are greatly affected by the epidemic , Even domestic travel is gradually restored , Outbound travel is also far away , You can't just wait , We still have to find a way to transform ourselves .”

last year 7 month , Ma Shengli tried to enter the short video platform .“ At first, I wanted to show you Beijing , Let more people know the culture here .” As a Beijinger , Ma Shengli liked traditional culture since he was a child , Often soak in museums , In addition, I was a ground guide when I first worked , So it's not too strange ,“ To the Forbidden City 、 The temple of heaven 、 The summer palace and other world cultural heritages , It's broadcast almost every day . Just the Forbidden City , Dozens of times , I have witnessed the spring flowers here with you 、 Xia Yu 、 Autumn leaves and winter snow .”

Hard as it is , But Ma Shengli worked harder and harder .“ In the past, tourists brought by themselves had the opportunity to come to the scene , Now, many viewers in the studio may not have such conditions , Some of them can't come because of the epidemic , Others are inconvenient for physical reasons .” From the audience's feedback , Ma Shengli found , The experience brought by live broadcasting is very different from watching documentaries ,“ The perspective of live broadcast is more grounded , It can also interact in real time , Watch and talk , Without the sense of distance , More immersive reality .”

For Ma Shengli , Changes are equally subtle .“ Used to be a tour guide , Every time we face different tourists , They are only one-sided friends , The same set of guide words can deal with it , I don't know each other after talking , There will be little intersection in the future .” Today, , She has the iron powder she has been following since it was broadcast last year .“ occasionally , They have not only regarded me as a guide , It's a feeling of old friends , Whatever you say , Are willing to follow , Then I have to force myself to keep learning and growing , Say something different every time , Live up to their trust and support .”

In just a year , Ma Shengli has nearly one million fans .“ During the live broadcast, I will encounter fans , Some brought ice cream and water , Some help me with my things , Others took the initiative to pull powder for me on the screen , This was totally unimaginable before , I was particularly moved .”

Ma Shengli broadcast live in the rain in the Forbidden City

Pleasantly surprised

Unpopular and small scenic spots have become popular

In addition to the live broadcast of popular scenic spots , Ma Shengli also tried to make short videos of many popular scenic spots .

“ Traditional routes are uniformly designed , The tour guide doesn't have much room to play , But not now , There can be more personalized content , Introduce you to those small and interesting places .” To Ma's surprise , The response of popular scenic spots is not only not cold , Even hotter than hot . In her collection of works , have only 8 The volume of the ancient tomb underground palace Series in the episode exceeds 7600 ten thousand , Far more than the Forbidden City Series . among , A short video of visiting Tian Yi's tomb has a playback volume of up to 2000 More than ten thousand , It has become a real hot money ,“ At first I was just interested in myself , I didn't expect so many fellow believers .”

This year, 5 month , Ma Shengli made a short video about the most beautiful caisson in the Museum of ancient architecture , The communication effect also surprised her .“ According to the staff in the Museum , The passenger flow has increased significantly , Many people came to watch this video after watching it .”

In order to make myself always speak and always be new , Ma Shengli worked hard . Every night 12 spot , She always sits down and reads history books quietly for two hours , I have finished reading it unconsciously in a year 50 Multiple copies . When there is no live broadcast during the day , She went to the museum to listen to the explanation , Then sort out and output the learned content in time . She loves ancient architecture , He also made a special trip to Wutai Mountain in Shanxi , Follow the footsteps of Liang Sicheng and Lin Huiyin , Visit the Foguang Temple Hall .

“ The epidemic has indeed had a great impact on Tourism , For the guide , It is bound to suffer a great impact , But as long as you are willing to try , There are still many possibilities in the future .” In Ma Shengli's view , The tour guide's Exploration on the short video platform is of positive significance to the development of the whole industry ,“ Go and mention the tour guide , You may think of negative news such as forced shopping , After all, there are a large number of tour guides , It's hard to avoid a mixture of fish and dragons . But now there is a new platform , Some really aspiring tour guides can stand out with their strength , Re establish a positive image .”

Ma Shengli also found , The cultural literacy of the audience entering the live broadcasting room is also getting higher and higher , More and more people like to sink down and listen to the explanation .“ In the future ,‘ Cloud Tourism ’ Itself may not become the mainstream , But the need for in-depth explanation may be very large . After people have more knowledge and interest in history and culture , That kind of ‘ Get in the car to sleep, get out of the car to take pictures ’ There will be a gradual decrease in fancy tourism , Visitors and tour guides can achieve two-way Promotion 、 Grow up together .”

In addition to the live broadcast , Ma Shengli is also thinking about how to generate income .“ I will mainly recommend some cultural and creative products or history books , For example, the cover has 62 A seal of the Forbidden City 《 Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival 》 Or best seller 《 Interesting to say about Chinese history 》. But because the audience in the live studio has a large age span , The selection is challenging , Further exploration is needed .”

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