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The official map of the first electric vehicle of Genesys is released to be a pure electric luxury SUV with attitude!

2021-08-29 02:10:46 Fancy car Cafe

We all know that the future is the world of new energy vehicles , The public 、 Honda 、 Toyota and others have begun to transition to electrification , The same is true for luxury brands , As a modern luxury sub brand , Also launched the first pure electric SUV GV60, The new car still continues the family style design , The new car is expected to be officially released within this year .

The new car is in use E-GMP Electric global modular platform to build , The classic diamond grille is moved to the lower surrounding area , And adopt closed design , To show the unusual identity of this car . And the emergence of split headlights , It adds a bit of movement to the car , The modern look has never been disappointing .

The side adopts the most popular suspension design at present , With a blade rim , The breath of sports directly fills , Does it feel like super running ? It is worth mentioning that the new car adopts an electric hidden door handle design , Further add technical elements and fluency .

The shape of the tail lamp group echoes with the front face , It's the same thing , Very high identification after lighting . To further highlight the athletic element , A fixed spoiler is also added to the rear , It's all about performance . Tell the truth , I think this simple appearance can attract countless young consumers .

The interior continues the family design , Double screen linkage with electronic knob gear lever , The atmosphere of science and technology burst . The performance of materials is also commendable , A lot of leather and soft materials are used to wrap , Full of texture , Luxury is not inferior to Mercedes Benz 、 BMW 、 Audi equivalent , The whole presents people with a high sense .

Power will be 577 Horsepower dual motor drive , The range will exceed 410km, Don't look at the short range , But it supports super fast charging , from 10% To 80% just 18 Minutes to complete , Endurance is not a problem for it at all . What about? ? Is this car your dish ?

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