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The new Passat family launched new LED headlights on August 26

2021-08-29 02:13:32 Aika automobile

[ The domestic new car of aika automobile is original ]

Passat is one of the best-selling joint venture intermediate cars in China , Therefore, the new Passat modified in the medium term has been used since this year 7 The moon has attracted much attention since its appearance . The latest message shows , The new Passat family will 8 month 26 Official listing . As early as 8 month 4 Japan , The new Passat family has opened pre-sale , But no specific pre-sale price has been announced , Just launched the golden expansion gift 、 Care free gift 、 There are three preferential policies for car owners' huanxinli , The details are as follows: . Previously, we have analyzed the preferential policies , Friends who want to know can click 《 The new Passat family officially opened pre-sale Recent listing 》 see .

Changes to the new Passat , We have written very detailed articles before , You can click on 《“B Class car boss ” Passat is rejuvenated To dominate again ?》 see . aesthetic , The new Passat offers two styles of front grille , One is dot matrix , The other is the stars . Besides , The tail of the new Passat is replaced with a through tail lamp group . In terms of body size, the new Passat mainly increases in length 15mm, achieve 4948mm, The remaining parameters remain unchanged .

interiors , The changes of the new Passat are mainly reflected in some details . For example, a new style of three spoke steering wheel , The function keys also adopt touch design , The sense of technology has been significantly improved . Besides , The air conditioning panel of the new Passat also adopts the touch design , And the seat fabric has also been upgraded , Texture improved a lot .

motivation , The new Passat has not changed , The traditional fuel version continues to carry 1.4T、2.0T low / High power engine ;PHEV The model is still 1.4T Plug in hybrid system composed of engine and motor . Both powers match 7 Fast double clutch gearbox .

Edit comment on : As one of the most well-known intermediate cars for domestic consumers , Passat has always had good sales . And the upcoming medium-term modified models , In terms of appearance and interior , Have been upgraded to different extents , The competitiveness has improved significantly , I believe there will be better performance after listing .

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“B Class car boss ” Passat is rejuvenated To dominate again ?

The sales volume of Volkswagen Group in the first half of the year was about 185 ten thousand growth 16.2%

The new Volkswagen Weilan was officially launched The sale 26.48-33.88 ten thousand

The new Passat family will 8 month 26 Day listed

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