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Nanning, a BYD new energy vehicle caught fire, witnessed residents: the boss put out the fire and ate a few mouthfuls of soot

2021-08-29 02:15:07 Oriental Information automobile

Report automobile information from the perspective of people's livelihood / Left and right car viewing 8 month 24 Reported Wednesday ——

China's new energy vehicle sales hit another record high , The question then comes : New energy vehicles overtake at the corner , Is there really not much time left for fuel cars ? Feel free to leave a comment .

data display , This year, 1-7 month , Sales of new energy vehicles in China 147.8 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 2 times , exceed 2020 In the year 136.7 10000 vehicles , Record high .

It is worth noting that , The sales volume of new energy vehicles has accounted for the proportion of new vehicle sales of production enterprises, reaching 10.0%, Compared with the same period last year 6.1 percentage . What do you mean ? The answer is : Every production of automobile enterprises 1 car , Among them 0.1 This is a new energy vehicle . Such sales ratio , How can a fuel car not be in a hurry ?

The data also shows , First half of this year , The proportion of individual purchase of new energy vehicles exceeds 70% , This explanation , The largest personal purchase market is turning to new energy vehicles , The endogenous market power of new energy vehicles has been further enhanced .

However , There is a reality that , With the sales of new energy vehicles rising , Accordingly, the quality problems of new energy vehicles continue to appear , This makes car owners feel miserable .

lately , BYD has had many quality related incidents .

A domestic automobile platform this year 7 Month to bydihan EV And polar fox alpha S Collision experiments were carried out . In the crash test 48 Hours later, , Byd han EV In case of power failure of the whole vehicle , Ignition and combustion . Then BYD responded that , In the test video of the car media , The reason for the smoke and fire , Because “ The vehicle has been replaced with a conductive coolant ” Subsequent crash tests , The vehicle has coolant leakage within a few days after a severe collision , This will cause a short circuit , And cause combustion .

According to the media , This year, 8 month 6 Late at night , A suspected BYD Han EV My electric car ignited on the roadside . BYD in its subsequent official response , Make sure this car is BYD's car , But it did not disclose which model . BYD is still a 《 Communication withdrawal letter 》 In the said , The cause of the accident was that the owner was driving , The car fell into the well , And vehicle damage , This caused the fire .

This year, 8 month 7 Japan , A BYD D1 A fire broke out in Kunshan, Suzhou , The fire site is mainly concentrated in the front compartment of the vehicle . According to media reports , The cause of the fire was , This BYD D1 During normal driving , A big iron block fell from the truck ahead . At that time, the vehicle was moving faster , Failure to give way causes the vehicle to collide with a large iron block , Cause fire in the front compartment of the vehicle .

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