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Volkswagen's new Sagitar official map was released for overseas sale in the fourth quarter of 2021

2021-08-29 02:24:18 Yiche original

Easy car - In recent days, , Volkswagen has released a new Jetta( The domestic market is booming ) The official figure , The new car will launch a regular model and position a more sporty car GLI models , In addition to the differences in modeling details , The overseas ordinary models will be equipped with brand-new 1.5T The engine , and GLI The model will still be equipped with 2.0T The engine .

Volkswagen New Sagitar

From the picture , The new car is basically the same as the current model , Adjust only in detail , For example, the front and rear bumpers of the vehicle have different shapes , Create a more sporty design , And the overseas ordinary version of Sagitar has been cancelled R-Line models .

Volkswagen New Sagitar GLI

As a more moving GLI models , It is different from ordinary models in detail , For example, the air intake grille is decorated with decorative strips in the same color as the body , And the fog lamp area also adopts a unique shape design , Besides , The vehicle will also provide 16 Inches to 18 Inch black rim .

interiors , The new car is consistent with the current model , It still adopts the popular family design style , The regular version will be equipped with 8 Inch LCD instrument , and GLI Models will be equipped with 10 Inch dashboard . Besides ,GLI The leather pattern and trim style of the model will be different from that of the ordinary model .

motivation , The overseas version of the ordinary Sagitar model has been changed 1.5T The engine , The engine is also widely used in other Volkswagen models , It's an old one 1.4T An alternative to engines , Maximum engine power 158 horsepower , Maximum torque 250 cattle · rice . and GLI The model is equipped with 2.0T The engine , Maximum engine power 228 horsepower , Maximum torque 350 cattle · rice .

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