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The latest spy photos of Ford's new Carnival may appear in the spring of 2022

2021-08-29 02:24:21 Yiche original

Easy car - In recent days, , Overseas media exposed a group of the latest spy photos of Ford's new Carnival , The new car has a thick camouflage , But it does not prevent you from seeing the design details , It is reported that it may be equipped with light mixing system , And hopefully in 2022 Debut in spring .

The car in the picture has a lot of camouflage , Including covering the rear window . The most significant change seems to be in the front , There's an extra plastic cover . But obviously , The grille and headlights have some adjustments . The rest of the body doesn't change so much . We can see from the picture that the lower bumper has some adjustments , But the changes are subtle . The tail light style looks like it hasn't changed much , Covered with camouflage from the inner edge .

2020 year , Ford launched 1.0 l EcoBoost Mild hybrid version of the engine . It USES 48 The V system and integrated belt drive start the generator to collect braking energy , And help when you start . Ford launched a new seven speed automatic transmission for the Carnival , Equipped with a 1.0 l EcoBoost Of 92kW The engine . The carmaker reported that , Matched with six speed automatic transmission 1.0 L engine 74kW comparison , The efficiency of this configuration is improved 15%.

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