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The staggered penicillin, the first medical advice given by Wang Shilian, indicates that they have long been premeditated

2021-08-29 02:35:12 Oriental Information automobile

The medical records of Huaihe hospital are really amazing , Not only failed to successfully solve the wrong medical dispute , Instead, it turns the wrong exchange into a stolen exchange , The impression of Huaihe hospital on the broad masses of the people is becoming more and more negative . Guo Wei and Yao CE were wrongly replaced , When exactly 、 Which link was wrongly changed , Who is the nurse in charge ? Nothing at the moment , No one came out to admit or explain . We all know that Guo Wei and Yao CE were wrongly replaced , But the medical record shows that the drugs used after the birth of the two children are right , Netizens can't help but wonder whether Guo Wei was replaced after he was born , And both doctors are insiders , That's why some medical advice is right for people .

In recent days, , Some netizens found that Guo Wei, who was born naturally, was also cared for according to the standard of surgical children , It can be seen in Xu minbao's long-term treatment list , The first doctor's order after the child is born is “ Routine nursing of operated infants ”, And Wang Shelian gave the child vitamins K1 Needles and penicillin needles , After is 6 month 19 Sunrise court ; The long-term treatment list for Du Xinzhi's children is also very simple , Surgical care , vitamin K1, And then go straight to 6 month 24 Sunrise records , The signing doctor is Zheng Yin .

According to professionals , Penicillin is an antibiotic , There is no rule that newborn babies must be injected with penicillin , Unless the doctor checks and confirms that the baby may be infected with bacteria , And the infected strain is sensitive to penicillin , The doctor will prescribe penicillin injection . After all, although penicillin is not very harmful to newborns , But this security is also relative , Not 100% , Therefore, doctors will be cautious when prescribing this medical order .

Du Xinzhi and Xu Min are pregnant women , Du Xin Zhi suffers from hepatitis B , Cesarean section again , Xu Min has no disease , Or spontaneous labor , Even if you want to play penicillin, Yao CE should play , So why did Wang Shilian prescribe penicillin to Guo Wei who shouldn't , Zheng Yin gave Yao CE, who can prescribe penicillin, but he didn't ? What it represents is thought-provoking .

Another important doubt is Guo Wei Yao CE's neonatal care sheet , According to Du Xinzhi's child care sheet , The nurse in the nursery should check and nurse the newborn every day , And write it down on the nursing sheet , Du Xinzhi is 16 Gave birth to a child on the morning of the th , The nursing records were written continuously 8 God , You can imagine how closely the nursery nurse monitors the newborn , So if the nurse in the nursery is innocent , So it's almost impossible to change children in the nursery , The possibility of children being replaced at birth is further increased . But it's still strange , The same is according to the nursing of surgical children , There is no such record in Xu Min's medical record , So where did this list go ?

Of course , Wrong exchange 28 Many people can see that there are problems with the medical records in , No matter how sealed and stored , After nearly 30 Years of time , The medical record paper will change color and turn yellow , At that time, because modern paper was bleached with acid , Neutralization will be carried out at the factory , But there will still be acid residues , in the course of time , The paper will be oxidized , Show changes in color . Therefore, the medical records of Du Xinzhi and Xu Min cannot still be the same as the brand-new ones , Just compare the medical records of the same period . I hope those medical staff can come out and identify and restore these medical records , Let the wrong change storm stop as soon as possible .

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