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Song with Jun why didn't Qi Chen tell Qi Yan about Cheng Ruoyu's life experience? When will Cheng Ruoyu's identity be exposed?

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Costume suspense drama 《 Song with Jun 》 in , Cheng Ruoyu's life experience has attracted attention again !

Cheng Ruoyu is pushed as the sword bearer of emperor Qi Yan as Cheng Xi's niece !

such , Cheng Ruoyu is naturally concerned by all forces .

Check Cheng Ruoyu's past , There is the emperor Qi Yan , And the chess player Qiu Yanzhi , Qiu Ziliang, the Duke of Chu, should also check .

however , They all found Cheng Ruoyu's simple resume , Her parents died , I grew up in the purple clothes bureau with my aunt Cheng Xi !

In the new plot , Cheng Xi betrayed the emperor Qi Yan , Went directly to Qiu Ziliang, the Duke of Chu !

also , Cheng Xi also revealed to Emperor Qi Yan , She is also a descendant of the Qi royal family ! This undoubtedly shocked emperor Qi Yan !

such , Cheng Ruoyu's life experience , It was also raised again !

The emperor Qi Yan may be afraid of Cheng Ruoyu. He is also the Qi royal family ! May not , If , Cheng Ruoyu is a descendant of Qi's royal family , If Cheng Ruoyu is really her niece , Cheng Ruoyu must be a descendant of the Qi family !

Emperor Qi Yan had to verify the identity of Cheng Ruoyu again !

Emperor Qi Yan first asked Cheng Xi's brother Cheng Huaizhi .

Eunuch Cheng Huaizhi told emperor Qi Yan , One day eight years ago , Cheng Xi brought back an injured little girl , Tell Cheng Huaizhi , The little girl is her niece Cheng Ruoyu !

such , Cheng Huaizhi knows the identity of Cheng Ruoyu , Listen to Cheng Xi !

Cheng Huaizhi doesn't know Cheng Ruoyu's real life experience !

later , The emperor Qi Yan asked Wang Qi Chen again !

because , Cheng Xi brought Cheng Ruoyu back from Wang Qichen , It was also Wang Qichen who saved Cheng Ruoyu !

Wang Qichen told the emperor Qi Yan , It was Cheng Xi who identified Cheng Ruoyu as her niece , Let Cheng Xi take Cheng Ruoyu away !

Wang Qichen should know Cheng Ruoyu's life experience !

Because Cheng Ruoyu was sent to Wang Qichen by Emperor Qi Yan ? Just eight years later, Cheng Ruoyu , The emperor Qi Yan doesn't know !

Why didn't wang Qichen tell the emperor Qi Yan about Cheng Ruoyu's life experience ?

Wang Qichen is afraid to cause the emperor Qi Yan's uneasiness !

perhaps , It's Wang Qichen who feels like telling Cheng Ruoyu's life experience , Will Cheng Ruoyu avenge the emperor Qi Yan ?

perhaps , How would emperor Qi Yan treat Cheng Ruoyu , Wang Qichen is still not sure !

therefore , Cheng Ruoyu's identity has been concealed !

At this time, the true identity of Cheng Ruoyu is revealed , It's really not a good time !

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