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It hit a camel again. The front of millions of Japanese SUVs was completely destroyed and the windshield completely flew

2021-08-29 02:36:51 New automobile Chronicle

Some time ago, the accident of a famous actor caused safety problems between cars and animals . And unfortunately , A similar car accident happened in recent days , It's also caused by hitting camels .

Gobi highway ,SUV Killed three camels

8 month 19 Japan , Another car hit a camel on the Gobi highway in Xinjiang . From the site situation, the impact force is not small .

We don't see many video clips on the scene . According to our understanding , The white car in the picture SUV Hit three camels directly . And from another point of view , the SUV The front of the was greatly impacted , The upper part of the front, including the hood, has been severely deformed and collapsed , The front windshield has completely disappeared , The first cross member on the roof structure has also been distorted , The front half of the roof has been exposed . Although no casualties were reported , But I'm afraid the impact force is also choking the passengers in the car .

lexus LX How safe ?

From the picture , The accident car should be a Lexus LX, It belongs to the top of Toyota brand SUV. There is no doubt about the safety of the vehicle itself , The kerb mass of the vehicle is 2.7 tons , The non load bearing body design can also withstand greater impact force .

Compared with the previous generation of Range Rover evoque , The kerb mass is about 1.8 tons . Lexus LX In terms of overall security, it must be better than the former , But in reality ,LX As the top SUV One can't get out of the body , It can be seen how powerful it is to hit animals .

Due to vehicle structure , Hitting a camel is far more dangerous than a car

It is certain that this accident is the same as Yu Yuexian before , The speed of both is not low , Causing serious damage to the vehicle after hitting the camel . In addition to the main cause of speed , Camels have become another major cause of serious vehicle damage .

Some cases of cars hitting animals

At present, almost all vehicles on the market follow the mutual impact of vehicles in terms of vehicle structure ( Or hit a fixed object, etc ) To design the whole body structure . These are commonly known as “ Ordinary impact ” Their impact points are low , Therefore, generally in the body structure, the anti-collision beam of the car 、 The longitudinal beam position on both sides will also be set lower . But facing animals with a high center of gravity , This design won't work completely .

Camels in Xinjiang Province are mainly Bactrian camels , Although the size is not as big as that of Inner Mongolia , But it can still grow to 180 Cm or more , Weight can reach 550 kg . In terms of animal size , Hitting animals is very similar to hitting people , Because most of the weight is concentrated in the upper half , But it's a little different , Animals weigh more than people .

You can clearly see from the picture ,LX After the impact, the front crash beam was exposed , It can be seen that the shape of the whole anti-collision beam is intact , No greater external force , and LX The main beam of the car body follows the anti-collision beam , In other words, the impact force of the three camels avoided the hardest part of the whole vehicle , All by A column 、 The windshield and roof absorb . That's why the car is often seriously damaged when hitting animals .

At the end

In some places where wild animals often haunt , Many local car owners will install a strong bumper for themselves , In this way, the impact against animals can well protect the vehicle . In addition, the Gobi grassland highway has a single scenery , It's easy to overspeed when driving , And it's easy to get sleepy 、 Inattention , Increase potential safety hazards .

Most of the same accidents happen when foreign tourists drive by themselves , If you have the opportunity to drive to Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia, you still need to leave more snacks .

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