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The new car is repainted?! Why did the 4S shop secretly paint your new car?

2021-08-29 02:36:56 New automobile Chronicle

8 month 11 Japan , Voice of China's economy 《 Day after day 315》 In the morning 8 spot 30 To 9 In the program of the point , A car owner cried about his experience : He came from a city in Inner Mongolia a few months ago 4S I bought a new car in the shop , A few months later, when washing the car, I accidentally found that there was a bulge of paint on the front bar of the car , So the car wash worker came to the painter in the shop ( Car washes are often attached to the repair shop ) see .

After careful examination , Finally, it is confirmed that this is the trace of touch up paint , And the mended paint has puffed up ( Delamination ) 了 ! Usually during the touch up process , In order to hurry up, paint the putty before it is completely dry , Or the surface is not thoroughly cleaned before painting , Or it's caused by using poor putty .

Usually the car touch up paint must be sprayed like this “ reforming ”( Re knock off all touch up paint layers free of charge , Do it all over again )…… But for this car , Maybe it's not that simple ! Because this is a new car ! from 4S I haven't knocked or touched it since I bought it , Why are there traces of touch up paint ?( It doesn't matter whether it's good or not , The key is why the new car has touch up paint )

A few months after collecting the car , I found my car

Repainted !4S promise “ Give compensation ”

As a car owner, no one can accept this fact ? The new car has been repainted , What fools want is 4S Mended . But the problem is 4S Why paint the new car for no reason ?—— In fact, in the industry , Some new cars are delivered from the factory to 4S If there is a slight scratch and bump during the transit ,4S It will do some corresponding repair . This is it. “ Second painting of new car ” 了 !

According to the requirements of consumer protection laws and regulations , If the vehicle has really undergone repair ,4S Is obliged to inform consumers , Because consumers have the right to know . If the consumer is fully informed of the cause of the vehicle damage and the repair details , Can still accept this car ( Of course, there is usually a big discount on the price ) Words , The purchase transaction is still legal .

But if 4S They are not willing to give consumers too much discount , If you still want to sell at the original price , Maybe you'll hide the fact of painting . In a rage, the owner contacted 4S, and 4S The proposed “ Give one more service free ” Compensation plan for ( But have you done anything about the car “ Secondary paint repair ” Shut up ).

After the media came to the door ,4S A denial

call “ compensate ” And “ Paint repair ” irrelevant

The owner bought a car for the first time , I agreed without any experience 4S Proposal . But later, more and more colleagues and friends around know about it , There are many people who know cars . I suggest the car owner to identify it , Look at the car, except for the small piece under the front bar , Have you done it anywhere else “ Secondary paint repair ” Of .

But since we have to do identification , You have to pay attention to the legal effect , It must be the local quality supervision department . So the owner contacted the relevant national testing institutions , I checked my car . Finally, it was found that the whole front bar was repainted !—— The problem is coming. : Who knows how badly the car was hurt ?!4S They gave it a free service and gave it away , It's a little too perfunctory .

The angry car owner took the media reporters to , The second time I found 4S To say . But this time ,4S But in front of the media camera, he insisted that the vehicle had not done anything “ Secondary paint repair ”, As for this car “ Secondary paint repair ” How did it come from ,4S I have no idea ( Could it be that the car owner hit it and repaired it 4S?).

Questioned by reporters “ since “ Secondary paint repair ” It has nothing to do with you , Then why did you promise to compensate the owner for the first time ”, When giving away maintenance times ,4S The explanation is : I just thought “ More is better than less ”, I'm afraid the car owner will make trouble in the store , therefore “ Get rid of ”.

The owner applies for identification of the paint repair construction time

But China's technology can't do it yet

So the owner requested the relevant national quality inspection department to identify the vehicle for the second time —— The content of this appraisal is : Front bar “ Secondary paint repair ” When is the construction time of . If the identification results prove “ The touch up time is earlier than before the customer picks up the car ”, That basically proves to be 4S Lying .

But the answer from the quality inspection department poured cold water on the owner : In terms of current science and Technology , It can only detect whether the vehicle has done “ Secondary paint repair ”, However, how long ago is the specific paint repair construction time , This is really impossible to detect .—— So even in this case 《 Day after day 315》 show , There will still be no results .

Because everything needs evidence , On the premise of insufficient evidence , The Consumer Protection Commission is really powerless . In case someone 4S I really haven't done anything ?—— So the case finally ended up . But this raises a new question : In an era of serious lack of mutual trust , When we buy a new car, we must guard against buying an injured car , But the question is how to prevent it ?

Network transmission to identify the original car paint / Touch up method

But the flag is not operable

The auto self media on the Internet are very “ Be enthusiastic ”, Published a lot of articles that look very similar , Go to educate the riders how to identify the original paint and “ Secondary paint repair ”: For example, observe the reflective color of the paint against the sun , Carefully check the color difference of the paint itself , In particular, observe whether there is... At the corner gap “ Flying paint 、 Flowing paint ” Sign —— Etc., etc. .

In fact, these methods are basically impossible for ordinary car owners . How many people who are not painters have such eyes ? And in my sentence “ Private conversation ” Come on , Used car dealers are no different from counterfeiters : Can make “ So that ordinary people can easily identify counterfeit money “ Counterfeiters ” It must not be a professional counterfeiter . The truth lies with second-hand dealers , The same applies . What's more, is 4S Well ?

Except for Toyota “ Pearlescent paint ” And some European models with strange colors , There's no way to perfect touch up , In fact, it is not too difficult to repair the paint of other models . Plus even a brand new car , Different parts of the original paint will have color difference , Therefore, the experience and methods of online transmission are sincere and unreliable .

The thickness of the original paint is 100~200 micron

Abnormal paint thickness indicates doubt

It seems that we'd better bring our own paint film instrument when we buy new cars in the future . Paint film meter is an instrument for measuring paint thickness . Domestic big brand paint film instrument 300 How can I buy , Japanese entry-level paint film instrument is also 600 Multi price . If the surface of the iron plate is repainted , The thickness will be much thicker than the original paint !

The paint thickness of all parts of the new car is quite consistent , Be in commonly 200 Within microns . If the whole paint surface of a car is 100~200 microns , Paint thickness of a certain part 300 even to the extent that 500 micron …… Without looking at the , This place has been repainted !

Although the Tao is one foot higher now, the devil is one foot higher , The veteran of second-hand car has long had a way to cheat the paint film instrument , But there's a premise : Paint the whole car . This is for 4S It doesn't exist at all , After all, the scratches generated during the transportation of new cars can be solved by local paint repair . This makes the reading of the paint film meter more reliable !

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