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The most Mars like place on earth? Through the mysterious no man's land, restore a real ancient Silk Road with cross-country!

2021-08-29 02:37:03 New automobile Chronicle

In China, Lop Nor edge

There is a wild world like Mars

Grand and rare super Yadan landform

There is no one , There is no life ...

Some people say

This is the most Mars like place on earth

Here is the Xinjiang Hami Hokkaido

It is the only one in Xinjiang

No man's land that allows legal crossing and is most suitable for entry

It is the most secret of the 14 known silk roads

It is also ancient Dunhuang

The nearest road to Turpan

Its opening and use It began in the Han Dynasty

After the Tang Dynasty, the official use tended to stop

Dahaido also gradually faded out of people's vision

Become an ancient silk road that stays in historical memory

This poem written by Xuan Zang “ There are no birds above and no animals below ” The ancient road

From the hinterland of Xinjiang to Hexi corridor

500 Many kilometers

Drive here

It's a " Mars exploration " Like a journey

Walking in the twilight wilderness

Except for the roaring wind , Nothing else

The Yadan landform here is blown out by the wind

365 days a year

The wind blows 80% of the time

stay 4000 Square kilometers of Gobi

wind , Blowing out a beautiful world-class scenery

The endless Gobi

Spectacular super Yadan landform

And the mystery of no man's land ......

Make dahaido more and more famous in cross-country circle and photography circle

More and more people are going to drive by themselves ~

Where is ohaido ?

The picture comes from the Internet

Dahaido is the closest road from Dunhuang through Hami to Turpan in ancient times , Equivalent to taking a shortcut , Walking almost in a straight line , through Kashun Gobi , No man's land , The straight distance is about 500 km .

Today's Hokkaido is part of Lop Nur no man's land , But it has become a relatively mature off-road route , Its core scenic spot is located about... To the west of Hami City 120 km , From Turpan City 、 Shanshan county 、 Hami City and others can enter and cross .

How to get into dahaido ?

The picture comes from the Internet

Whether starting from Turpan or Hami , The most convenient way to cross the Hokkaido is : It passes through the line from north to south in Dun parking area ①, Hejing Wubao town /S328 The route from south to North ② and ③

It's closest to the core area of Hokkaido , Enter the Gobi and drive dozens of kilometers to , Without having to cross-country 500 Kilometers across the grand seaway .

▲ Scenic spot planning map

line ① and ② The difficulty of crossing is the lowest , It has been planned as a scenic spot , Two thirds of the road sections have been paved , Two car drive into .

and line ④ It is a North-South crossing line across the South Lake Desert , Will pass through the most difficult road —— Ten thousand Buddha Arden group , And the most vital South Lake Populus euphratica forest , Need a 4WD hard drive SUV , And follow the team , Bring your own rescue equipment .

▲ The scenic spot is located in 2021 year 4 month 26 Issue a charging announcement on the th

at present , The scenic gate of dahaido has been built , You need to buy tickets to get in and out of Wubao town , Drive into the core area Every car 100 element , In addition, each person on the car needs to buy separately 45 Yuan scenic spot tickets (7 The measured price at the end of the month has more than doubled the announced price ).

What season is most suitable to go ?

Gale is one of the main causes of Yadan in Hokkaido , According to statistics , A year 8 The gale above level is more than 100 God , The maximum wind speed can exceed 60 rice / second (17 level ).

therefore , Every year, 3 month -6 month 、9 month -10 month Best for , It can avoid the hot and dry climate in wind season and summer .

Recommended crossing route

entrance : The pier parking area

The navigation searched the pier parking area on Lianhuo Expressway , The entrance is on the south side , From Turpan to Hami , You can get off the road directly from the parking area and drive south , Drive forward about 200 A two lane asphalt road can be built on the left side .

If it's in the north parking area , You need to go through the bridge hole under the Expressway ( Limit height 3.2 rice ), Then drive on the same asphalt road .

Asphalt road The height limit is 2.2 rice , If the body height exceeds 2.2 rice , You can take the gravel road next to Baiyou road .

The asphalt road will pass through the railway bridge twice , At the end is a station of West to east gas transmission , It's a gravel road from there , Don't drive too fast , The speed is controlled at 40-60 To compare safety .

From liaodun parking area to dahaido ( Core area warship Office ) The distance you drive about 55 km , drive 1 More than a hour .

When you see the sign on it , It means that we have entered the core area of Hokkaido , From here on, there is no cell phone signal , It's not easy to get lost by following the ruts , You can also download the offline track map in advance .

Core area warship area : The fairy cave

The core warship area is the densest place of Yadan in the whole sea road , The 100 meter high dayadan is unique to dahaido , You can see it everywhere here .

Hundreds of millions of lake sedimentary strata accumulated , After the wind erosion , Layer by layer , As if one by one Giant thousand layer pastry , When I came here, I had to lament the uncanny workmanship of nature !

Immortal cave is The most beautiful photos in the core area Punch in , It is a Yadan cave like a inception , On one side of the main road , It takes a short walk to reach , Need to carry wide-angle shooting .

Mysterious oasis : Water source

Leave the core warship area , Go to Mars base , On the way, you will pass through the only water source in Hokkaido , Here you are 2 A water pipe , Can cool the car .

It is hard to imagine , In this vast Gobi , There is still an oasis hidden , It is undoubtedly showing the power of life to the world !

If the time is right , Waiting for the sunset here is a great choice , When the setting sun dyed Yadan in the east of the water source red , You can shoot a beautiful blockbuster .

Accommodation : Mars base

Ohaido has become One of China's three major Mars bases , This is Hokkaido. Now The only place to stay overnight .

There are... In each room 4 A capsule capsule , Air conditioning , You can also take a simple shower and wash , Can be in 12 Stay well in extreme weather such as strong wind and three volt high temperature .

If you want to stay here, please make an appointment in advance , in addition , You can eat at the Mars base whether you live or not , Also, please make an appointment in advance .

Reference price :350-500/ cabin / On the evening of

If you don't want to live in the capsule warehouse , In the cool and windy season , You can also choose to camp near the base , Living under the Milky way .


1. The wind proof grade of the tent should be enough , Prevent the wind from blowing in the middle of the night .

2. Remember not to camp next to the large Yadan , There are falling rocks , And it's really frequent !

Through the Grand Canyon , Arrive at Hongliutan

After the water source A fork in the road , One side of the gravel road leads to the Mars base , On the other side, the asphalt section that has been paved in half leads to Hongliutan , Through the Grand Canyon, you can reach .

Through the Grand Canyon , Arrive at Hongliutan , It's the newly paved new asphalt pavement , The landform and scenery here are very similar to that of self driving in the western United States .

The road is clearly marked , The South Gate winding to dahaido , Finally, there is a section like the Qinggan ring road U Shape bending , It's very nice to take pictures !

End : Five Castle ghost city

Five Fort Yadan is The only place where ancient residential sites are found in all Yadan landforms , Located just north of Lop Nur , It covers an area of about 4000 square kilometers , It's in China , It is also the largest known Yadan landform group in the world .

This is the end of the primary crossing of Hokkaido , Attached below Coordinate positioning of main scenic spots , For your reference

At the end

1. Dahaido is the only no man's land in China that can be accessed by 2WD off-road , If it is only opened near the immortal cave and water source , No problem , But if you want to go deeper, you must 4WD SUV .

2. Although it has been developed and is relatively mature , But it's better to Avoid cycling through , Don't go to areas where cars are easy to get stuck .

3.  Be sure to prepare sufficient materials before entering the no man's land , Bring enough food and water , Fill up the vehicle , You'd better prepare another oil bucket .

4. Last , Civilized play in no man's land , Don't drive over Yadan , damage , Carry garbage bags , Take all the domestic garbage out of the no man's land

Welcome to tuhu self driving group

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