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Can you only look and sigh in the face of congested roads? The owner of anksila tells you: it doesn't exist

2021-08-29 02:43:08 Oriental Information automobile

Unknowingly, it's the opening day of each university . Watch the children carry their schoolbags , The moment I walked into the school gate , Parents are delighted , Also tired by the traffic jam on the road . Parents on buses or taxis , Do you want to have a car that can shuttle flexibly in the crowded traffic flow at the moment , Give Way “ Take the child to school ” No more pain .

Xiaobian is like most parents , To send children to school , Have to drive like a snail on the main road of the city , Look at the close distance , The car was stuck motionless , At this moment, Xiaobian wants to let the car grow a pair of wings , Flying through this endless stream of streets . But the cruel reality makes Xiaobian wait anxiously , Being late has become a problem for Xiaobian and her children “ Homely food ”.

Come back , Although we can't change the bad traffic , But if we have a powerful car 、 A car with flexible driving control , It can also shorten the time to travel to the destination , Minimize the impact of traffic jams on yourself , Xiaobian can't help thinking of a car that focuses on driving control : new 2021 Next generation MAZDA 3 Oncella .

Xiaobian has a colleague who drives this car , He goes out with Xiaobian almost at the same time every day 、 Take the child to school . But he can be late every day . Colleagues tell Xiaobian , Anksila made a great contribution . This makes Xiaobian have a strong curiosity about this car , Take advantage of the lunch break , Quickly borrowed a colleague's car and went out for a test drive .

Have to say , The new oncella is very comfortable to drive , Push your back . The throttle response is also extremely fast , rarely “ Depress the accelerator ” The situation of . Xiaobian's colleague's anksila is 1.5L Displacement model , But it has a strong power without losing turbocharging , It is extremely flexible in congested sections , Like a loach shuttling through the traffic .

Later, my colleagues told Xiaobian , Anksila is equipped with chuangchi blue sky gasoline compression ignition engine , Mazda's new spark ignition controlled compression ignition technology is adopted , So as to support the strong power and fast acceleration of the car . This is why Mazda has always adhered to self-priming engine for many years , The reason for not turbocharging .

But anksila's advantage goes far beyond that , The engine not only guarantees the power output , It also has excellent technical advantages in environmental protection and economy , Very low fuel consumption , In the urban area, it is basically maintained at 5.8L/ About 100 kilometers . The fuel consumption is lower than that of most models on the market , It can save a lot of refueling costs .

besides , In order to adapt to the strong explosive power brought by the engine , Using the engine NVH Mute Technology , The noise of the engine is very low , The sound of roaring the accelerator is also very soft , Children can have a quiet sleep on the way , So as to go to school more energetic .

in general , Xiaobian is quite satisfied with the power of anksila , It's perfect for taking children to school or work . It is said that the new oncella also has 2.0L Displacement model , I believe the power performance will be better , Xiaobian can't wait to test drive 2.0L The anksila .

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