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The world's most expensive license plate, worth 93.49 million, can buy 31 Ferraris!

2021-08-29 02:43:14 Oriental Information automobile

In other words, there are many , Well, which license plate is the most luxurious , Today, Xiaobian and my dear riders will briefly discuss . It is said that the United Arab Emirates once had a license plate worth 1420 Thousands of dollars , The conversion into RMB is about 9349 Ten thousand yuan . What kind of car does the sky high license plate match , Hang on a Mercedes Benz , It seems that this amount of Mercedes Benz is really too shabby !

thus it can be seen , Sometimes a luxury car's license plate is worth ten times as much as a luxury car . But the wayward rich don't think it's a problem , The license plate is the symbol of their status . The shorter the license plate number, the higher the value . The Arab United Nations one arrives at 10 License plate No. can be imagined. His value is really going to heaven ! Moreover, the Arab capital Abu Dhabi holds a license plate auction every month , All the income here will be donated to charity .

The most expensive license plate in Arabia

Ranked 10th . Numbers 10 The license plate was auctioned as high as 123 Ten thousand dollars , Converted into RMB is about 774 Ten thousand yuan . With this money, you can buy one or two Bentley mousses with matching levels !

Ranked ninth . Numbers 45 The value of the license plate auction is 137 Thousands of dollars , renminbi 863 Ten thousand yuan . ah , This is the total price of an Aston martinla !

Ranked eighth . Numbers 16 The value of the license plate auction 166 Thousands of dollars . Total RMB 1045 Ten thousand yuan . About the value of three McLaren .

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