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Yutong c530 RV - comfortable and safe with assured journey

2021-08-29 02:43:18 Oriental Information automobile

Car selection , Selective performance , Or choose beauty , Or choose safety , Or choose a brand ? These questions may be difficult to choose , But this Yutong C530 Just cracked your “ Dyslexia of choice ”, because , Whether it's performance 、 Level of appearance 、 Safety or brand power itself , Yutong C530 Are good enough .

Details :

Based on iveco osheng chassis , Vehicle appearance design , A new design with a large forehead , The rigid and flexible lines highlight the three-dimensional layout style . The chrome plated parts on the front face of the car have some elegant beauty of industrial style .

Appearance dimensions of the whole vehicle 5990*2435*3320/3199mm, The wheelbase 3300mm, Top speed 130km/h. Blue card C Follow the driver .

L Design of reception area of type a card seat , This is also a very different point from the previous generation models , The small table can slide in four directions , You can also lower the bed . Very ergonomic design , There is a locker above the sliding window , Convenient for daily use .

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