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Emma Colin revealed that the director knelt down on one knee and asked her to play Princess Diana

2021-08-29 02:44:16 Oriental Information automobile

By virtue of being in a historical play 《 The crown 》(The Crown) Play the role of the late Princess Diana in the fourth quarter ,25 Year old British actor Emma · Colin in this year 3 In June, he won the... Th prize 78 The Golden Globe Award for American film and television, the best actress award for TV drama .

Colin, who graduated from Cambridge University, became famous in one fell swoop , Therefore, the film is about to continue . allegedly , With Harry · A new film starring stiles and others 《 My police 》 in , Colin's part has been killed , She also took some behind the scenes photos .

however , The most lovely thing about Colin is her recent acceptance of the United States 《 figure 》 Magazine interview . According to the 《 figure 》 The magazine 8 month 23 Reported Wednesday , Colin revealed , When she was in 2019 Was invited to 《 The crown 》 As Princess Diana in the fourth season , It was like being proposed .

Although it was just 23 Colin is not a professional actor , I don't have much acting experience , But director Ben · Caron's eye knows the Pearl , At first glance, Colin has the same naive character as the late Princess Diana 、 Beautiful appearance and elegant and noble temperament , Besides, their stature and height are the same .

So Caron and producer Suzanne · McGee decided to play Prince Charles Josh · O'Connor auditioned with Colin . They were very satisfied with Kohler's performance , So that Caron decided to let Colin play the role of Princess Diana on the spot . It is worth mentioning that , The way Caron asked Colin to play Princess Diana was special and lovely .

Colin told 《 figure 》 The magazine , When she first arrived on the set ,“ They're laying the groundwork for the third season , They asked me to go to their shooting site and have a chemical reaction with Josh . I remember we shot this scene several times , Then Caron turned to Suzanne and said ,‘ Can I shoot now ?’”

Colin was surprised and moved by the scene , Caron knelt on one knee and said to Colin ,“ Would you like to be Diana ?” Colin jokingly told me 《 figure 》 The magazine ,“ It feels a bit like a proposal !” In an interview , Colin also elaborated on all the preparations and specific work she did when playing the late Princess Diana .

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