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"Old artist" Lin Zhixuan's serial cheating melon

2021-08-29 02:44:18 Oriental Information automobile

Being on the reality show is really a high-risk behavior , It used to be the treble Prince , Predecessors in the singing world with works .

Sing a song , The barrage went crazy : High energy warning , Nuclear warning , The best demon in the audience , Invincible !

but 《 brother 》 After the broadcast ,“ No, the old singer ” Lin Zhixuan became... Overnight “ Green tea man ”.


Here's the thing , At the beginning of the recording , Lin Zhixuan made bold remarks and ambitions :

“ This time come , Determined to pursue full wheat all season , A once-in-a-lifetime performance .”

“ What I take out must be the best .”

To achieve this goal , The great God of maintenance ,“ The Linzhi family ” Lin Zhixuan, the boss of, has reached a critical state of protecting his voice .

Life is extremely self disciplined , Just drink hot water 、 Only eat hemp , No spicy food , No drinking , Sleep must be kept 12 Hours .

When and what kind of voice , Can be accurate to hours .

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