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To correct the audio-visual! The Chinese Embassy in the United States spoke on the Washington Post's China related editorial

2021-08-29 02:45:58 Beijing daily client

2021 year 8 month 11 Japan , Liu Pengyu, spokesman of the Chinese Embassy in the United States, sent a letter to 《 Washington post 》 Editorial board , Some of the contents have been published in the newspaper 8 month 23 Japan review Edition . The full text is as follows :

Your newspaper 8 month 10 An editorial in the Journal “ Praise sports, not dictatorship ”(Celebrate Sports, Not Dictatorship) One article , Full of false information related to China , There is arrogance and prejudice between the lines . As the spokesman of the Chinese Embassy in the United States , I feel the need to respond , In order to correct the audio-visual .

First , Opinion polls by international authorities show that , The satisfaction of the Chinese people with the Chinese government has exceeded for years 90%. The Chinese people choose 、 Has proven to be the right path , Not one or two media and some politicians can discredit and deny . secondly , Taiwan 、 Hong Kong 、 Xinjiang affairs are all internal affairs of China , China's national sovereignty is not subject to external interference , This is the most basic norm of international law .

On the Taiwan issue , China's bottom line of firmly safeguarding national sovereignty and territorial integrity should not be trampled . The US side should earnestly abide by the one China principle and the provisions of the three Sino US joint communiques , Stop playing “ Taiwan ” gain profit in risk . The national security law of Hong Kong has made Hong Kong from chaos to rule , It is welcomed by most Hong Kong people and foreign enterprises in Hong Kong . The capture of Capitol Hill is considered to be “ Insurgency ”、“ Domestic terrorism ”, Why did the same riots become what you call... In Hong Kong “ democracy ”“ free ”? The so-called Xinjiang exists “ Genocide ” It's a lie of the century made up by some American politicians , Has been repeatedly falsified by facts . If your newspaper editorial board has been to Xinjiang , You will know how absurd it is to advocate such a lie , In the past 40 Over the years , The Uygur population in Xinjiang is from 550 Ten thousand has grown to 1280 ten thousand , Life expectancy has increased from 30 The age has increased to 72 year , There are such in the world “ Genocide ” Do you ? On the traceability of epidemic situation , We oppose politicization 、 Stigmatization , Oppose “ Presumption of guilt ”, Support who based on science and facts , Carry out public education in many places around the world as soon as possible 、 justice 、 Transparent traceability investigation , Restore the truth as soon as possible , Include 2019 year 11 The case that appeared in the United States months ago .

Speaking of human rights , as everyone knows , The United States has created a large-scale humanitarian crisis and human rights disaster in Iraq and Syria , Human rights violations are also widespread in the United States . According to your logic , Whether the United States is qualified to host the Olympic Games ?

At present, the preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games are progressing smoothly , We are confident to work with all parties , take 2022 The 2008 Beijing Winter Olympic Games was held in Beijing 、 Security 、 Wonderful Olympic Games . What you call “ boycott ”, In fact, it kidnaps athletes and enterprises of various countries with ignorance and anti intelligence , Discredit and attack China at the expense of their interests . What we really want to resist , In order to “ Human rights ” For a cover 、 The act of politicizing the Olympic movement .

source Website of Chinese Embassy in the United States

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