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One person was killed and many injured in a shooting incident at Kabul airport

2021-08-29 02:46:06 Beijing daily client

Near Kabul International Airport, the capital of Afghanistan 23 There was a shooting on , Killing an Afghan soldier 、 Several people were injured .

8 month 22 Japan , A large number of people gathered outside Kabul airport in Afghanistan . Picture source : The xinhua news agency

William, spokesman of the United States central command · Urban said in a statement that day , There was a brief exchange of fire outside the north gate of Kabul airport , An unidentified enemy opened fire on Afghan security forces involved in monitoring the north gate passage of the airport , The Afghan security forces immediately returned fire . An Afghan soldier died , Several Afghans were injured , The injured were rushed to hospital for treatment , Stable situation . No U.S. and coalition personnel were injured .

An eyewitness at the scene said in an interview with Xinhua News Agency , A former Afghan officer shot at members of the Afghan security forces at the entrance of Kabul airport with a pistol that day .

Up to now , The Afghan Taliban have yet to comment .

According to Afghan media reports ,8 month 15 Since then , The shooting and stampede triggered by the evacuation of Kabul airport caused at least 20 People have been killed 、 Dozens of people were injured . Over the past week , American soldiers 、 Afghan Taliban militants and members of Afghan security forces maintain order at several different entrances to the airport . at present , Outside Kabul airport, there are still a large number of people who want to leave Afghanistan .

American Joint Staff Officer hank · Taylor 23 Said at a news conference of the US Department of defense on the morning of the th , In the past 24 There are about... Hours in total 1.6 Ten thousand people were evacuated from Kabul , Among them, the US side withdrew nearly 1.1 ten thousand people . since 8 month 14 Since the start of the evacuation operation , The US side withdrew about 3.7 ten thousand people .

President Biden of the United States this year 4 Month announced , US forces in Afghanistan 5 month 1 The evacuation began on the th ,9 month 11 Completely withdraw a few days ago .7 In June, he said , The U.S. military mission in Afghanistan will begin in 8 month 31 End of the day .8 month 15 Japan , The Taliban entered and controlled Kabul , announce “ The war in Afghanistan is over ”.

According to the Afghan pajvak News Agency , The United States may extend the withdrawal period to 8 month 31 Reports after the th , Su Haile, spokesman of the Taliban political office in Doha, Qatar · shaheen 23 Said Monday , There is no need for the United States to prolong its occupation of Afghanistan . He warned , If the United States delays its withdrawal from Afghanistan , Will face “ consequence ”.

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