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Have fun, cute and wave, test drive Euler's good cat GT Mulan version

2021-08-29 02:50:11 Oriental Information automobile

Phoenix net Auto · Preemptive test drive Automobile has developed for a hundred years , Maybe it's the watershed between fuel and electric . If , The technology of charging speed can make a breakthrough , Then it's really time to talk to the fuel truck say goodbye Time of day . Maybe we will miss the big displacement 、 The pleasure of the turbine , But now there is also a business of matching sound waves in the stereo of electric vehicles . therefore , New energy vehicle enterprises will also properly understand people's feelings , With GT The name gives Euler a good cat , It is hoped that this electric car can also bring you fun that is not inferior to the fuel performance car .

Compared with the ordinary version of Euler's good cat , Good cat GT Mulan version is fully improved in design and power . First, from the aspect of appearance , Euler is a good cat GT Added more sports kits . One set of wheel eyebrows made of carbon fiber is added to the whole vehicle , It looks more wide body .

The front bar also uses X Line of type , The bottom edge is decorated with red , The air inlets on both sides also have actual wind guiding effect . With two retro round headlights , Make the whole vehicle look cute and have a sense of visual impact .

Body size , Three high for 4254/1848/1569mm, The wheelbase 2650mm, Compared with the ordinary version, the good cat is just a change of the kit . The side lines remain round , Simplicity , The lines of the whole vehicle create a dive attitude , Retro and dynamic .

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